the first 3 words say it all: an unbelievable “discovery”

The first three words of the newly released The Resurrection Tomb Mystery trailer say all that you need to know: AN UNBELIEVABLE “DISCOVERY”

I couldn’t agree more. (And I see no mention of Jonah anywhere in the trailer…)

4 Responses

  1. yes for some reason the promo people sent me an email. i replied. i don’t think they will appreciate it.

  2. Reblogged this on Zwinglius Redivivus and commented:
    It is unbelievable. That is, no one should believe it.

  3. The movie came out just in time. I’m expecting the Rapture soon.

    Your thoughts, Dr. Cargill?

  4. […] the documentary about “the Jesus discovery.” Otagosh also linked to Jim’s post.Bob Cargill shared the trailer (you can download it here): Skeptic views science as the loser in the James Ossuary trial.Craig […]

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