YouTube Video: Digitally Manipulated “Fish in the Margins” Imagery on the so-called “Jonah Ossuary”

I have uploaded my latest YouTube video entitled “Digitally Manipulated “Fish in the Margins” Imagery on the so-called “Jonah Ossuary.” The video walks viewers through an illustrated version of an earlier blog post I wrote entitled, “Sins of Commission and Omission: Digitally Generated Marginal ‘Fishes’ and Overlooked Handles on the So-called ‘Jonah Ossuary’“.

The video points out 2 basic points:

  1. Digitally inked images were released to the public without acknowledging that the videos had, in fact, been inked (with ink colored to look like a naturally engraved area). (After I wrote my blog post, they later designated the image as “marked” and uploaded the “uninked” image for comparison).
  2. The digital ink does not correspond to the engraved areas, giving the illusion of a fish where none is present.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t WAIT for the apologists and manipulators to start splitting hairs on this “clarification” of what Bob originally meant in his original post!

    We’ve seen so much hemming and hawing and ad-hom attacks and declarations of innocence by the manipulators involved – while at the same time, their website is quietly updated and changed so that it LOOKs like Bob’s just bitchin’ about nothing serious.

    Which is, of course, how these guys are operating – they show the gullible audience their magic ‘fish’ trick, while the magicians sitting on the sidelines are laughing their heads off at the obvious charlatanism.

    I’m so glad there are a few REPUTABLE archaeologists pointing out that the emperor has no clothes…

    However, one thing I’m curious about – the other two “fish” in the margins of ossuary 6 that actually LOOK a bit like fish. Don’t they kind of support their (implied) argument that the third image must also be a fish? And after all this time, it’s possible that the last “fish” has been weathered, or just badly carved originally, right? Note that this doesn’t imply anything on my part – the jar is a jar, the fish are at MOST decorations and nothing to do with the large image.

    I’m also keen to hear some knockers saying Dr Bob doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because he shows so many images and gets a bit lost himself! Of course, that ignores the fact that the original image doesn’t have 3 fish, the (de-manipulated) highlighted image has only 2 kinda-fish, and the last manipulated and highlighted image shows 3 perfect aquatic denizens. These are the guys who argue that Dr Jacobovicci is perfectly within his rights to do anything he likes to the images because it aligns with their wishes!

    Boy, if wishes were fishes, they’d be arguing the other side!

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