Representative from Simcha Jacobovici’s Associated Producers, Ltd. Claims to Have Discovered the FACE OF JESUS in Talpiot Tomb Ossuary!

Simcha Jacobovici‘s documentary production company Associated Producers, Ltd. saved the greatest surprise of all until the very end!

Mr. Jacobovici is apparently claiming to have discovered the FACE OF JESUS in an ossuary in Jerusalem! At least that’s the claim made by a video uploaded to YouTube by an Associated Producers, Ltd. employee.

In exclusive, un-aired footage from the forthcoming Discovery Channel documentary, The Resurrection Tomb Mystery, Associated Producers, Ltd. employee, Mr. John McGinley (email:, has uploaded a video claiming to have discovered an image of the FACE OF JESUS in the same tomb that Mr. Jacobovici and his partner, University of North Carolina, Charlotte Department of Religious Studies Chair, Dr. James Tabor, claim to have discovered the earliest evidence of Christianity.

Jacobovici and Tabor had already claimed to have found an ossuary engraved with an image they claim to be the biblical figure Jonah being swallowed by a “Great Fish,” and an inscription that the pair claim reads: “O Divine YHWH, raise up, raise up!”

However, few expected Mr. Jacobovici or anyone from his production company to claim to have actually discovered the FACE OF JESUS! In the stunning video entitled, “” uploaded to his YouTube Channel, jesusfaceimage, Associated Producers, Ltd. representative McGinley points out – using footage from The Resurrection Tomb Mystery – precisely where the FACE OF JESUS appears, peering forth from the ossuary at the robotic camera operated by the remote intruders.

The description of the video uploaded by Mr. McGinley reads:

This amazing video made available by Associated Producers taken from their original footage highlights the “Jesus Face” spotted yesterday, April 4, 2012.

Apparently motivated by a satirical blog post penned by Duke University Professor Dr. Mark Goodcare (cf. “Literally Unbelievable,” a website about people who think stories published on the satirical website The Onion are actually true), Mr. McGinley shows footage of the General Electric remote robotic arm (the technology featured in the forthcoming documentary) fixating upon the FACE OF JESUS in the ossuary!

As the robotic arm passes over the FACE OF JESUS, viewers can hear the voice a member of Mr. Jacobovici’s team calling out:

“All right, go back!”

Then, as the camera focuses upon the FACE OF JESUS, you hear a member of Mr. Jacobovici’s team cry out:

“You can see on your monitor where you are!”

The leaked Discovery Channel footage then freezes and spotlights the image that the Associated Producers, Ltd. production team apparently believes to be the unmistakable FACE OF JESUS!

As the mesmerizing hum of the underground tomb drones on in the background, the footage shows several different highlighted angles of what Associated Producers, Ltd. employee McGinley claims is the FACE OF JESUS!

The video then cuts to an advertisement inviting viewers to:

“Watch the full documentary of The Jesus Discovery/Resurrection Tomb Mystery on April 12th at 10 pm EST on Discovery TV in USA and Vision TV in Canada”

which is followed by a link to the website.

Since the release of the documentary’s companion book, The Jesus Discovery, authored by Tabor and Jacobovici, the pair had openly claimed to have found the engraved “Jonah Ossuary” and the inscription, but the book made no claim of the discovery of the FACE OF JESUS. However, the exclusive Discovery Channel footage leaked by Associated Producers, Ltd.‘s McGinley suggests that the The Resurrection Tomb Mystery documentary will make the additional, shocking claim that the very FACE OF JESUS also appears on the ossuary!!

The documentary airs Thursday, April 12th at 10 pm Eastern/Pacific on Discovery.

(This video has been mirrored here in case slow loading times or other problems should arise with the original video.)

6 Responses

  1. OK, seriously, is The Onion backing these clowns?

  2. Holy Flatbread!

  3. […] There’s also a “How Stuff Works” video on Simcha Jacobovici documentaries.Some people took Mark Goodacre’s spoof about spotting the face of Jesus in the Talpiot tomb seriously. In […]

  4. Bob, this amazingly great “discovery” was first “spotted” by our distinguished but bleary eyed colleague Mark Goodacre of Duke University who admits he had been staring at ossuary photos too long. See my comments on his blog, and at the youtube site at the upload site where I point out not only Jesus but a lamb, or donkey, or maybe even an Easter bunny too boot. We would never take credit for such a great Discovery by another colleague, but alas, it is too late to make the film or book. You yourself have seen such things after a hard day of staring–you know, towers, handles, and the like. It happens to the best of us.

  5. LOL. James, you are more than welcome to turn the Jonah Ossuary/Patio tomb discussion into an exchange of jokes. It won’t take much. ;-)
    I did find it odd, however, that poor Mr. McGinley didn’t make any mention of it being a joke. And when he placed it on the front page of the website, I thought perhaps he was attempting to misrepresent and take advantage of good Dr. Goodacre. I figured, if Mr. McGinley is releasing video of the Jesus face without mention of a joke, then I’d run with it.

    One more thing: how come the image that shows the handle on the top right of the inscribed Ossuary 6 image is not on the website. It seems like that would be and EXCELLENT image to post publicly, don’t you?

    Hope you had a great Passover! :)



  6. As a teacher, I always record these dodgy programs. First, so I can be aware or exactly what they say and second, so I can show them to students and point out just exactly where they are giant, steaming piles of crap. More and more, it looks like this is going to be yet another example.

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