Holy Photoshop Batman! The “Jonah Fish” Image on Nightline

ABC’s Nightline will run a segment this evening on the forthcoming The Resurrection Tomb Mystery documentary by Simcha Jacobovici.

ABC News has released a short article to accompany the segment this evening.

In part it reads:

Robert Cargill, an assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa, told “Nightline” that the original image of the engraving that Tabor sent him is “clearly displaying the handles” but that the handles do not appear in the image that was distributed to the press.

“There are clearly handles on the top of the so-called ‘Jonah fish’ image, but Tabor and Jacobovici don’t include them in their museum replicas or the CGI image,” Cargill said. “No credible scholar except those that work with or for Simcha on this or some other project believe his conclusions… The evidence does not support their sensational claims. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting it to be true, so in their minds, it’s true.”

And good grief! Is this or is this not the most Photoshopped of all Photoshopped images? It looks like some leftover CGI footage from Avatar. Note that they even rotated it to its side to better resemble the natural disposition of a fish. And is that a drop shadow? What now? Is it going to swim away?

Photoshopped "Jonah image" from Ossuary 6 of the so-called "Patio Tomb" in Jerusalem.

Photoshopped "Jonah image" from Ossuary 6 of the so-called "Patio Tomb" in Jerusalem.

Check out the Nightline segment tonight on ABC. Dr. Mark Goodacre will be featured and represent the scholarly rebuttal to Simcha and Dr. Tabor.

5 Responses

  1. Just took a look at the whole image on the Nightline page. I’d very much like to know what the green “ss” is in the fishtail’s shadow.

  2. Bob, it is a composite recreated from the photos and it is pretty accurate though we are now making it a bit fatter. It is called “art” and illustration. And then there are the actual untouched photos, which everyone also now has…

  3. it’s computer screen computer overlay. i have no problem with that.

  4. It went from a ‘blowup’ to a ‘composite’ to ‘CGI.’
    Inked photos went from unacknowledged, to acknowledged as ‘marked’ and accompanying uploaded ‘uninked’ image.

    Those two images were digitally manipulated. You know it and you remedied the captions.

    You can do ‘art’ and ‘illustration’ all you’d like. I prefer measurements and photographs in my archaeological reports. ;-)

  5. Dr. Cargill,
    The “Nightline” video was very…eh…interesting;-) Dr. Goodacre did an excellent job in casting doubt on their conclusions in short sound bits. Dr. Goodacre’s words helped me through what Simcha described as the “scholarly theological trama” (insert laugh here) associated with the discovery. I would also say the clip which chronicled the first recognition of the image as a fish was very telling indeed. Who was the guy in the black that first exclaimed it? Also, were the ossuraries actually excaved? Or were those were just repoductions they had made up?

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