absolutely sickening homophobia from the pulpit

Here’s this week’s reason why Americans need to take a good, hard look at the bigoted venom that is being spewed forth from many of our houses of worship.

Neal Broverman shares with us this story of Sean Harris, the senior pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Fayatsville, NC.

This is absolutely sickening. I guess it’s not just Mark Driscoll in the great northwest that is preaching this homophobic nonsense, but now it’s of Berean Baptist Church in Fayatsville, who argues that parents should hit little boys (“crack that wrist” and “give him a good punch”) for showing the “limp wrist,” and “reign in” daughters who are “acting too butch.”

Then, listen as the pastor clarifies his story, stating that he in no way meant that parents should physically harm their children, but reiterates his hatred of homosexuality.

Did you catch the end of the news piece? The pastor got some “nasty,” even “threatening” phone calls and emails?? I’m certain they weren’t literally intending any harm. It was probably just “hyperbole.”

Question: at what point can we conclude that advocating violence against children – for whatever reason, but especially for reasons of bigotry – from a Christian pulpit is ABSOLUTELY NO different than when militant preachers of other religious traditions advocate violence from the pulpit?? Can we condemn one and not the other? And can we go ahead and admit that inciting violence in the name of God is reprehensible and unworthy of the protections commonly afforded religious institutions?

9 Responses

  1. The man is disgusting, as are those that cheered him on.

  2. It’s Fayetteville, NC, my humble birth place. Sort of midway ideologically between the more liberal meccas in the state (such as Chapel Hill, where I live now) and the completely conservative areas of the western part of the state.

    This is a really, really horrible story. Between it and the upcoming vote on Amendment 1 (which would ban all domestic unions in the state, not just “gay” ones), I have no idea what’s happening here. I thought we were on a path forward…

  3. My question is: Which is the greater sin–a misguided person preaching something he feels is right or the listeners who condemn him and support sinful behavior such as homosexuality?

  4. As a p.s. I am against using such general terms like ‘violence’ when addressing certain actions as it distorts the situation making something worse than it reallyis. I could sneeze on someone accidently and some one would declare that violence. Let’s try to keep away assuming/ falsely interpreting an act especially when it pertains to parental acts towards children.

  5. Having followed the religious right for some years I’m not surprised by this story. Appalled, but not surprised. What’s going on in the State Houses is even worse. The good news is people like Doc Bob and Ms Killgrove take the time to object.


  6. As a pastor… there is a better way to handle this issue! Maybe he should preach a response to this sermon next Sunday… just a thought!

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