mark driscoll allegedly adds exorcisims to his ‘spiritual gifts’

Exorcism at Mars HillMathew Paul Turner has the story, entitled,”Exorcism at Mars Hill: One Woman’s Story“.

MPT is an excellent, and very fair (he followed professional journalistic procedure and called Mars Hill and gave them an opportunity to respond) author, who has covered Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill for years. And the evidence is pointing toward a potentially tragic climax.

When will it end? Story. After story. After story. After story. After story. After story. After story. After story. After story. After story.

The preponderance of evidence is growing and increasingly tilting toward what we already knew:

Mars Hill is a cult.
Mark Driscoll is a cult leader who claims supernatural powers of exorcism, psychic visions, and extrasensory perception.
Mark Driscoll’s message includes the subjugation of women and the chastisement of homosexuals.
Mars Hill attempts to shame any who leave.
Mark Driscoll has gradually consolidated power and diminished accountability to himself and his select cronies.

In my professional assessment, we are dealing with a cult, and one that is planting satellites around the U.S.

Read the story at Matthew Paul Turner’s site.

3 Responses

  1. Is it a “cult” ? Definitions:

    — a “religion” is what YOU believe in

    — a “cult” is what OTHER people believe in

    — a “sect” is what your best friend believes in. He/she IS your best friend but doesn’t go to YOUR church … but you don’t want to say that he/she is a member of a “cult” so … this causes a bit of a dilemma, so . . . you say he/she is a member of a “sect”.

    ALSO: If it has a college and a football team, it’s a “religion”; if not, it’s a “cult”. e.g. — Mormons (BYU Cougars) and Catholics (Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish) and Jews (Yeshiva U. Maccabees) are members of religions, Scientologists and Moonies are members of cults.

    Alrighty, then . . . you’re welcome

  2. I just spent several hours reading this appalling story and most of the 400+ comments–a few of which were equally appalling. I was, however, heartened by the number of Christians who spoke up to condemn Mars Hill.

    The comparison to jim jones was chilling. Hopefully, the publicity will act as a brake on driscoll, but it’s plausible it’ll drive him and his church into deeper isolation.


  3. Wow. I must say, I agree with one of the commenters of the linked story, that makes my stomach hurt.

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