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  1. Reblogged this on drndark and commented:
    stop hating live’s to short..

  2. Yes it is. Apparently too short for you to learn how to write and spell, @drndark.
    @robertcargill, since I have happened upon your facebook, whch was brought on by a sighting of you on “The History Channel”, I am a dedicated follower. Thank you for the information you have passed on and the humor we need to deal with all the insanity and stupidity we are subjected to.

  3. I appreciate the point, but thought that the verse itself could do with some updating, and so made a stab at it here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2012/09/matthew-722-23-updated.html

  4. […] Studies Carnvial Matthew 7:22-23 UpdatedSeptember 1, 2012 By James F. McGrath Leave a CommentInspired by Bob Cargill’s postFiled Under: Christianity, fundamentalism, Gospel of Matthew, morality Tagged With: Bob Cargill, […]

  5. It begs the question: So, do YOU know Him?? Shalom.

  6. no, it does not beg that question. it begs nothing of the sort.

    if you knew me (or could read a cv), you’d know the answer to that question.
    your question is a mere attempt to divert attention away from the indictment of the image (and the comments of the ceo, and the christian right’s response). it’s not even an attempt to defend it, just to distract from the message and attempt to turn the issue into a red herring about the messenger.

    so nice try, but you’ve once again made my point: it’s about disingenuous faith.

    ושלום עליך (v’shalom alicha) as well ;-)

  7. no, it’s a mean-spirited accusation against people who believe they are affirming following God’s laws. i’ve happened upon your blog from time to time over the last several months, and i have no confidence at all in whom you know, only that you seethe with hate for those who simply say perversion is not acceptable to God.

  8. i’m sorry, what? i couldn’t understand you though the honey mustard.

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