Mitt Romney on the Israel-Palestine Peace Process (and my response)

There’s really not much to say. This election is over.

Here are two videos. The first is Republican Candidate Mitt Romney attempting to “delve into” the Israel-Palestine situation. He can’t even articulate the right-wing Israeli argument properly. But he is attempting to regurgitate what he’s been fed.

The second is my response.

It’s over Mr. Romney. Stop talking.

9 Responses

  1. I guess I am missing something. Mitt is correct when he says Palestinian sovereignty means Israel is less secure.

  2. I disagree. I believe Israel will be more secure once it has a state with fixed borders. Then, any incursion can be seen as an aggression. Of course, that is already the case, but at least Palestine will have a real state, and it will be in their best interest to not pick fights with their neighbor.

    If Iran wanted to hit Israel by smuggling arms through Jordan, they’d already be doing that. Remember, it’s not that far. Likewise, Jordan doesn’t want that any more than Israel does. Nor does Egypt, which is attempting to show the world that they can govern in a democracy. (We’ll see.)

    But to state outright that Palestinians don’t want peace simply betrays a misunderstanding of the entire situation. Most Palestinians I know and have talked to want peace as much as anyone. They hate terrorists as much as anyone. He’s stereotyping.

  3. The last time I was in Israel I brought a conservative dress and matching head scarf to wear to Jerusalem as a show of respect. I guess the shopkeepers assumed my husband and I were sympathizers.The conversations my husband had (I kept my mouth shut and my eyes lowered) with shopkeepers were very explicit. Much different than when we dressed in shorts and tank tops. It certainly did not sound to me as if they were consigned to giving up their claims to land inside Israel. Now that the Arab world is in flux, no way can any permanent borders be set. Who knows what will happen? The most we can say is that sometime in the future, a two-state solution is the goal (with Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.) I think the Iranian problem has to be solved before any movement can be made toward peace. But, in the end, the Israelis are the ones living there and only they can decide what is best for their security.

    President Obama was honest when he said Egypt is neither an ally nor a friend. Mitt Romney was dishonest when he said he would work toward peace. We need honesty in our leadership.

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  5. I don’t understand Romney and the current GOP leadership (life long Republican by he way). They appear to be doing everything they can to lose this election. They are constantly pandering to the base and alienating the moderates / independents who are the key to winning this year. I really wish the GOP would jettison the evangelical right and go back to their roots.

    As for the Palestinians, I do think a two state solution with secure borders is the best solution. The Palestinians must be given a path forward to develop into an independent nation with a real economy and self-control. I don’t like the way modern Israel was created but it is there now and isn’t going away.

    I am not really concerned about Iran. They may be crazy but they aren’t suicidal. They realize that openly attacking Israel would draw in and result in their destruction. It would definitely result in a real war and one of the most likely way a nuke would be used in combat (not sure if Iran or Israel would use it first). I see the current Iran / Israel situation as similar to the US / USSR – lots of rhetoric and saber rattling but no one wants a shooting war

  6. Andrew, I am curious why you do not like how modern Israel was created? Do you know the history of this country?

    Iran is very concerning – not only to Israel but to the entire world. I am remembering President Bush warning Afghanistan to give up Bin Laden or face attack. Their leadership chose war and their own destruction. I do not doubt that Iranian leaders would chose war rather than to give into an American ultimatum. Their leaders are in power to serve their god not their people. It is easy to call the US/USSR situation “saber rattling” in hindsight but history tells us we almost came to blows.

    My question is; what is Netanyahu’s motive? Is he trying to goad U.S. into striking Iran? Is he trying to influence the U.S. presidential election? The red line he has been complaining about is another question. Why would he say this publicly? Israeli citizens know that they do not need anyone’s permission to defend themselves. He is being disengenuous. Not a good thing.

  7. I do not like the way the situation was handled after WWII. I know the modern history of how it was created. The way events played out was a recipe for generational hatred. I reject the idea that Jewish people have a right to the land based on historical / Biblical grounds. Sorry, they had it in antiquity but lost it. God gave it to them but free will lost it. It would be like giving North America back to the indians or throwing the Normans out of Britain. That being said, Israel now exists and has a right to continue doing so.

    I don’t think comparing Iran to Afghanistan is fair. Afghanistan had a history of harboring terrorists and didn’t have along history as a state. There was a direct connection between the Sep 11 attacks and Afghanistan. We don’t have that same connection here. Iran may sponsor terrorists but it has always been as a third party. The involvement has not been direct. Similar to how US / USSR fought their proxy wars.

    Iran may be horrible state but they have as much right to their sovereignty and to pursue their scientific goals as Israel or any other legitimate state. I don’t like the idea of Iran having nukes but unless there is either a UN mandate or imminent threat (i.e. loaded on a plane or orders given to attack Israel) then neither the US nor Israel has the right to attack.

    If Israel attacks without either the UN mandate or an imminent threat then they are the aggressors and I think the US should denounce them. We won’t of course but we really should to prove we believe in international law and aren’t out to destroy Islam.

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  9. Andrew, I strongly disagree with your assessment of how Israel came to be. The kitzubim movement acquired their land through purchase. Their goal was never a Jewish state. The immigrants that arrived after WWII were looking for a place to live where their children would not be murdered. Israel has a right to this land but it has nothing to do with God. They defended themselves against attacks and were not wiped out. No one can blame them for trying not to be annihilated. I wish Americans understood more about Israel’s history. The reason we are an ally has nothing to do with religion.

    I was only comparing Iran to Afghanistan to illustrate their fanatical religious resolve. There is no doubt that Iranian leaders would destroy Israel if they had the capability – even if it meant their own destruction. This is not about terrorism and how to combat it. It is about what would happen if Iran developed a nuclear bomb. Even though they are a sovereign country but they do not have the right to do this. If they did develop a bomb, the entire region would have an arms race and the ensuing destabilization would surely start some kind of war. On the other hand, if Israel were to destroy their nuclear facility the ensuing destabilization would surely start some kind of war. BTW, when Israel destroyed the Iraqi reactor there was strong condemnation from the President as I am sure would be the case if Israel took unilateral action against Iran.

    IMHO President Obama is following the right path. We know the Iranian people are fed up with their leadership and we see what is happening in other Muslim countries. I really believe sanctions can work.

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