Horses and Bayonets

Wouldn’t it be an intriguing news story if President Obama’s “horses and bayonets” line  during the third presidential debate became THE line that stopped the slide in the polls and turned things around for President Obama?

Here’s my mashed-up contribution to the “horses and bayonets” meme.

Obama as Gandalf with bayonet: You shall not pass!

President Obama as Gandalf with bayonet: You shall not pass!


5 Responses

  1. And we also have more floppy discs now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that the technology is superior, or that cutting the budget for floppy discs isn’t a good thing.

    And politically, The more time the GOP spends arguing about the effective use of bayonets, the more it highlights and reminds people of the analogy that associates Romney with bayonets.

  2. Bob, I think the point is that BOTH parties spend too much time picking apart the rhetoric and not enough dealing with the issues at hand. (And I seriously doubt if we have more floppies in use today than we did in, say, 1997.) That is why I detest these debates, it is not about substance it is about “perception,” “look,” “demeanor,” and scoring points. They are useless, aside from the fact that they do, in fact, sway voters. And that is very sad.

  3. And on this, I agree with you. These debates are NEVER really about facts and data, but spin, evasion, and perception. And while I understand that what they are told they have to do, I much prefer data-driven decisions. Agreed. -bc

  4. TOTALLY agree with the last 2 comments. It’s also a bit of an indictment regarding the basis on which far too many base their vote. Factual, data-driven decisions would be a great advancement over who’s more “presidential looking” or spins the best rhetoric.

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