Lowlights from FoxNews on Election Night 2012 as Their Alternate Reality Implodes

Watch in horror the highlights, er, lowlights from FoxNews last night, demonstrating just how angry and frustrated and delusional they felt last night as it became apparent that President Obama was being re-elected.

Start with Bill O’Reilly, and then watch the rest.

Remember, a lot of people get their “news” from FoxNews. This was hard for them to take. I honestly believe they thought Romney was going to win.

8 Responses

  1. The Megyn Kelly pilgrimage was hilarious.

  2. That was funny.

  3. It’s times like these I thank the Germans for inventing the term “Schadenfreude”.

    (Directed at the Fox coporation, not at republicans in general).

  4. Charles Krauthammer apparently skipped over, “Physician, heal thyself.”

  5. Mary Matalin had a vituperative meltdown on CNN. She practically spit her words out. It was shocking to watch.

  6. Probably because her husband was gloating at her. She’s not the most eloquent person to begin with.

  7. Funny when they turn on themselves and canibalize each other!

  8. The next “thing” the 47% will want is . . . free public education through the 12th grade, and low, reasonable tuition fees at state-supported universities and colleges after that.

    And then . . . SIN AND PERDITION . . . Satan-worshiping … and dogs and cats living together, openly. Oh … the humanity !

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