Letter from Rick Hauser in Support of Chris Rollston

I received the following letter from Rick Hauser, which I am posting below.

Rick Hauser

Rick Hauser

Dear Dr. Cargill,

That Emmanuel Christian Seminary should terminate the tenure of Dr, Christopher Rollston is not only not understandable, but a significant strike against the standing of the school within the academic community. By doing so, you divorce yourselves from one of the most significant voices to emerge in recent decades in Near Eastern studies.

Dr. Rollston’s innovative contributions will long influence the field. They of course transcend any argument that may now be brewing.

In the week ahead, my colleagues and I will welcome Dr. Rollston as a participant in an ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) workshop on provenience and the ethics of scholarly research entitled SECONDARY CONTEXT II. His remarks will be greeted, I am sure, as original and daring and will certainly provide substantive comment in a most controversial area.

Dr. Rollston is an outspoken and charismatic leader in our field. What an irony that he should this very week be spokesperson for an ethical approach to scholarship when he himself is under assault.

For shame!



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