Conservative Christian Priorities

My Conservative Christian Priorities (by Robert R. Cargill, 2012)Conservative Christians have spent more time defending their right to assault weapons this week than I ever recall having seen them defend the hungry, the poor, the sick (except to oppose their proposed healthcare), or the imprisoned. (Cf. Matt. 25:31-45)

Priorities are very telling.

There are poor in the world: “Meh.”
We should create healthcare for them: “No way, socialist!”
You probably shouldn’t have semi-automatic assault weapons anymore: “Christian soldiers, to arms!”

It HAS to change. It’s ABOUT to change.

8 Responses

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  2. How did teaching creationism…I mean…the science of intelligent design, in public schools get left off?

  3. Good point. Guns are WAY more important.
    I also left off “family” because it was too lengthy to say FAMILY (members who are still Christians, and by “Christians” I mean still go to our same church).

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  5. Do….do I laugh? It is funny but only because it is true….which is sad.

  6. Most Christians, or the one’s who call themselves christians don’t really know the true meaning of what it is to be one. They think they do or are based on what they have been influenced by their organizational church groups or affliations.

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  8. Liberals love to “talk” about how greedy conservatives are…Conservatives are too busy “donating” to worthy causes to “talk” about how wonderful they are. Just look at Joe Bidens income tax form donations (about $7,000)…in recent studies it has been shown that cons donate 30% more money than Libs, are 17% per cent more likely to donate blood, and 40% more likely to donate their time.

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