BWAHAHAHA! How to write a praise song (in 5 minutes or less)

This is such a perfect (and unfortunately, true) satire of what passes today for Christian praise music, it must be viewed by all.

The beauty (and power) of this brilliant and clever video is that it’s dead on the money. The unimaginative, grammatically ignorant, theologically defunct tripe that passes for “worship music” today is parodied perfectly by Garrett Vandenberg.

Watch it and lament what has become of contemporary worship music.


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  1. As a lifelong adherent and singer in the Orthodox Church (Slav practice) I’ve always found it difficult to find any inspiration from what has become, in my mind, bland pop music that has no inspirational or even spiritual content. The mystical side of our Christian faith has been pretty much obliterated by our protestant brethren. Just my opinion.

    Also, belated Julian calendar greetings for the Nativity and Theophany.

  2. I think they have a hit on their hands…lol.

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  4. This is what happens when people starving for a little religion in their religion try to make it up. The Protestants did a very good job of “purifying” Christianity of all the “papish” nonsense like ritual, sacred music, history, culture, etc. What they were left with were Sunday services that consisted of long boring lectures interspersed with a few songs. Sadly, they don’t understand why people are leaving their churches in droves. I went to a memorial service not long ago at a Baptist church that was the church of the deceased’s daughter, not her. There were eulogies from many people who had known my friend and at the end, the preacher gave a sermon. I thought it was quite odd how he went on about how the only way to God was through Jesus considering that my friend was a Buddhist. Then I realized that his part in the whole thing was the commercial. No problem, like the rest of the people there, I’m used to tuning out commercials.


  6. Having run sound, lights, and video for an unfortunate number of Christian summer youth camps, this hits close to home. In the most hilarious way possible.

  7. I go to a “Praise and Worship” sort of church, but I think something is missing. It has to do with the way we experience time in praise song versus hymn. I wrote more here:

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