Westboro Baptist Church to Protest 3 Churches in Malibu…but NOT Pepperdine, Church of Christ

Westboro Baptist Church will picket Malibu, CA, but is NOT picketing Christian Pepperdine University, nor the Church of Christ that meets on its campus.

Westboro Baptist Church will picket Malibu, CA, but is NOT picketing Christian Pepperdine University, nor the Church of Christ that meets on its campus.

I have been embarrassed on a few separate occasions to be associated with Pepperdine University, where I received my Master of Divinity.

But I have never been as embarrassed, nay, as ashamed as I was when I learned that Westboro Baptist Church, the überfundamentalist, homophobic, inbred family hate group church in Topeka, Kansas, notorious for picketing the funerals of fallen US soldiers while carrying signs that read “God hates fags”, is picketing three, count them, THREE different churches in Malibu this weekend, but NOT Pepperdine University and NOT the University Church of Christ that meets on its campus!

How humiliating must it be for anyone associated with Pepperdine when Westboro Baptist comes to picket in Malibu, and neither Pepperdine, nor the Church of Christ on campus warrant picketing.

How socially irrelevant and theologically impotent must you be in a community when Westboro Baptist comes to town and chooses to picket 3 other churches.

Then again, this shouldn’t surprise us: A Pepperdine Law School faculty member, Richard Peterson, was the poster child for the “Yes on Prop 8” campaign, which sought to ban same-sex marriage in California. After an understandable public outcry against the school, Pepperdine’s President, Andy Benton, issued a number of press statements attempting to convince the public and the Pepperdine community that it was officially “neutral” on the issue of same-sex marriage. He stated:

“As a matter of established policy, the university does not take positions on partisan political issues, including ballot initiatives.”

But no sooner had he issued this statement, than Pepperdine’s Law School Dean, Ken Starr, agreed to argue on behalf of the Yes on 8 campaign to overturn and nullify those same-sex marriage that were performed legally between the time the court struck down Prop 8 and its announcement of a stay on same-sex marriages until the courts come to a conclusion on the matter.

Thus, it should be no surprise that Westboro Baptist isn’t going to picket Pepperdine or the University Church of Christ: they agree about same-sex marriage and gays!!

This isn’t difficult math: Pepperdine has become the banner institution in Los Angeles for the suppression of the rights of LGTBQ individuals, and this must please Westboro Baptist to no end!

In fact, Pepperdine still won’t allow LGBTQ students to have a club on campus. Pepperdine’s Dean of Students, Mark Davis, said the following:

“Pepperdine seeks to be faithful to this teaching because we believe it is God’s will…and therefore we cannot endorse another view or take a neutral position on sexual morality…we do not believe it is possible for a LGBT student organization to maintain a neutral position.”

What a tremendously sad commentary on Pepperdine and the Church of Christ in Malibu when Westboro Baptist comes to town and says, “Nah, they’re cool.”

A trusted mentor once told me, “You must live so that the right people praise you, and the right people curse you.”  I put it this way:

“We should always seek to live our lives in such a manner that Westboro Baptist Church would rush to picket our funeral.”

And yet, Westboro Baptist Church is coming to the small, seaside town of Malibu, and according to it’s “picketing schedule“, will be picketing Malibu Presbyterian ChurchWaveside Church, and Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church, before heading to Santa Monica High School and the Academy Awards to picket the “Hollywood elite.”

But I’ll ask again: What does it say about the conservative Christian Pepperdine University that WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH looks at them and says, “Nah, they’re cool.”

How culturally inert does a university have to be to not get protested by Westboro Baptist?

So yes, I can understand why Westboro Baptist, while putting together a list of churches, schools, and organizations to protest, might look at Pepperdine University and the University Church of Christ that meets on its campus and say, “Nah, let’s not protest them. They’re with us on this issue.”

In the mean time, Pepperdine has invited Rick Warren, who recently announced that he regrets supporting the California ban on on same-sex marriage, to host a ministry pre-conference just prior to its annual Bible Lectures.

So for Pepperdine, Rick Warren is an invited guest, and Westboro Baptist doesn’t see any need to picket them.

I am equal parts saddened and appalled by this, but in the end, I am really just sad for my friends back at Pepperdine.

I would shake my head, but what good would it do? All I can do is shine a light on a place that not even Westboro Baptist Church finds worthy enough to picket.

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  1. A situation fraught with irony at every turn…. and one more piece of evidence of the astounding human capacity for deliberate ignorance, on the part of virtually ALL of the participants of this societal farce…. Kudos for your sense of shame, and embarrassment, it does you credit….

  2. If ‘Terrible A’ doesn’t attack ‘Positive B,’ then is ‘Positive B’ actually any good?! I say NO! The fact that North Korea hasn’t threatened Japan in addition to South Korea makes me think Japan is up to something seriously evil.
    Totally unrelated, Pepperdine started a LGBT scholarship *shudder* http://www.advocate.com/society/education/2013/02/14/pepperdine-introduces-lgbt-scholarship

  3. Thomas, I was hoping someone would bring up the scholarship, earmarked for someone who is “commitment to the health of the LGBT community.” So, perhaps a straight discussion facilitator or a straight pre-med major. Do you REALLY think Pepperdine is establishing a scholarship for a gay student?

    And Thomas, I’m not arguing that Pepperdine is evil, just that they’re apparently not as relevant to the local community as Our Lady of Malibu, Waveside, Malibu Pres, and Santa Monica High School on social issues.

    It’s not that they’re evil, they’re just not as relevant as these titans of social advocacy.

    (It IS great to hear from you. Hope you are well!!)



  5. You had me at ‘inbred’.

  6. Look, all humour (or not) aside, I’m most bemused by Pepperdine not taking the bible seriously. At least the Westboro Zombies of Hate have read the damn book properly.

    If Pepperdine has the gall (unmitigated, I should add) to declare their stance on LGBT people based on what the bible says, why the hell aren’t they stoning their kids to death outside the city walls? It’s in the same damn paragraph, so why are they picking the first bit (abomination) and not the second (stoning)?

    See, this is the problem with the common religion of Pepperdine and Westboro. If you did a diff() on their views, you’d find the differences were just lack of followup on their similarities. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Westboro don’t want to target Pepperdine – they realise they actually share enough, that their common impotence to do no more than irritate or prevent people from attending, is enough for their sick, perverted, religious minds.

    Just sayin’.

  7. Does anyone stop to consider that churches that are “anti-gay” are not about denying civil rights to people who ought to have them but rather are about gross and flagrant violation of the concept of a secular state where in the various religions have no standing or say in how the public sector is run. Today it’s the gays, tomorrow it may be some other quirk in their religion that they want the government to do something about.

  8. […] Westboro Baptist Church to Protest 3 Churches in Malibu…but NOT Pepperdine, Church of Christ […]

  9. […] child of the “Yes on 8″ campaign to ban same-sex marriage, and then after the school tries to claim they don’t take sides on political issues, watches their law school Dean, Ken Starr, lead the […]

  10. They are coming to Pepperdine.

    I expect a nice retraction from you.

    Click to access 20190127_Pepperdine-University-Malibu-CA.pdf

  11. Yeah, looks like Pep is going to get a good half hour of protest from these bastards, but not because of gay marriage.
    Prop 8 was struck down in 2013 and same-sex marriage was legalized by SCOTUS in 2015.
    No, Westboro Baptist is coming to picket Thousand Oaks HS and Pepperdine to deliver a deranged “God sent the shooter/fires” message–one of their sickest campaigns, which is essentially showing up at the sites of mass shootings and tormenting the victims in an effort to claim that God did it to punish whatever sins they believe the world is committing. The best thing to do is not give them any publicity. Let them look like sickos.

  12. A retraction for what? What did I say that was in error 6 years ago, when they came to protest same-sex marriage?
    Prop 8 has since been struck down and same-sex marriage has been legalized by SCOTUS. Pepperdine lost that battle.

    No, Westboro Baptist isn’t coming to protest some Pepperdine policy with which they disagree, they’re coming for a much more sinister and self-promoting reason–to mock a deceased student. It is the sickest of their campaigns, which they will also do at Thousand Oaks High School. https://www.godhatesfags.com/fliers/20190204_Thousand-Oaks-High-School-CA.pdf . Hopefully Pepperdine has notified the students that a handful of WBC people will be down on the curb on the 11th and the best thing they can do is ignore them and not give them any visibility/attention. They are sick bastards taking advantage of the free speech freedoms that folks like you have fought to defend. (I DO thank you for your 22 years of military service to our country! Thank you for that!)

    Westboro Baptist is coming to Pepperdine and TOHS to be sickos and for the publicity, not because they are protesting Pepperdine.

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