The Boy Scouts Have Made the Correct Choice

Boy Scouts to allow gay youths to join

A member of Scouts for Equality holds an unofficial knot patch incorporating the colors of the rainbow, a symbol for gay rights. (Via CNN)

An excellent decision (finally) was made today by The Boy Scouts of America, yet another institution in decline (membership in Boy Scouts has declined by about a third since 1999), but one that has now left behind the discriminatory social practices of yesteryear and has joined our modern, egalitarian, American society.

It is a decision that is sure to cause religious fundamentalists to bemoan the continued erosion of their previously enjoyed haven of religiously-protected bigotry.

Excellent choice!

2 Responses

  1. But as soon as the gay scouts grow up and want to continue to participate, out they go! Still not one of us, still second-class citizens. What kind of message does that send these kids? The Scouts haven’t really “left behind the discriminatory social practices of yesteryear….” and according to news reports, have no intention of letting gays serve as adults. The Scouts just moved the line a bit.

  2. Agreed. And that’s what’s next. For the very reason you just stated.

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