Question about Syria and Genocide

Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad

Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad

Question of the day:

If we discovered that Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad gave an order in a military dispatch to,

“utterly destroy all that [the rebels] have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel, and donkey,”

would that be considered genocide?

Regardless of whether we label it “genocide”, would we at least agree that it is a horrific act perpetrated by a murderous tyrant intent on destroying anyone who might challenge his rule and/or authority?

I welcome your answers/responses and rationale in the comments section below.

10 Responses

  1. No question it would be genocide if we accept a rational, logical definition of genocide. Unfortunately our definition is coloured by our personal political, religious and cultural beliefs.

  2. Obama and Kerry are the tyrants who started all this with their CIA and Mossad agents so they can rape Syria’s assets while the terrorists decapitate christians and rape men and children even among their own muslim sects. For America to be peacemakers is nauseating – this rapacious country has wreaked havoc all round the world. I know you dont publish anyone who refutes your arrogant position in almost every topic.

  3. Charles,

    I’m just going to put this out there:

    You’ve missed the point of the post. And when you realize the point of the post, you’re going to be upset.

    Let’s see if anyone else can figure it out.

  4. I already replied to the post – Assad would be wrong to do this since he is not God. But he has a right to keep law and order in one of the last relatively free arab/muslim countries left. When you see 1000 year old Christian churches and communities in Syria you know they managed to engineer peaceful co existence until the neocon warmongers came from the land of the free to mess up another country for gain.
    The gas attacks were planned and executed by CIA and Mossad – it is another 9/11 .

    It was God who commanded the Israelites to do this to these people at that time – you think that God does not exist and the command was made up by Jewish scribes ? Or if you know God exists who would be foolish enough to judge God who knows the heart of every man.

    John the baptist instructed soldiers how to behave when implementing law and order and he would be speaking for God – when he told the soldier not to intimidate women and children and not to be cruel oppressors.

  5. So you ARE doing mental backflips… OK, hold tight and watch for the follow-up post.


  6. I’ve always interpreted that portion of the bible to be god’s reaction to reluctantly giving the people the monarchy that they felt they wanted. With monarchy you get one person claiming to interpret god’s will. Assad was elected, and while I don’t know enough about the democratic process in Syria, I can’t imagine it to be any more faulty or controlled than the one we have here. I agree with Charles, this is a CIA-Mossad shit show, and it is refreshing that others are aware of it. So what is the point, Dr. Cargill? Is this a lesson in the bible? A lesson in modern politics? Or a lesson in how analogies are useless when they don’t have like terms?

  7. I presumed the point of the post was to point out that genocide was not only condoned in the Bible but also commanded by God. My question would be….were the political leaders in OT times any different than the current ones who never hesitate to invoke the name of God to justify their actions? Personally I doubt it.

  8. Well said, John Thompson.

  9. Actually, my comment would have nothing to do with a god. Instead, the Joshua story is an attempt by newcomers to establish a clear claim to the land. It is theirs because there is no one else living there. (That the newcomers killed them [or drove them out] is beside the point.) Has this happened before or since? Sure, it is how the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. treated their indigenous peoples. It is also the underlying logic of “ethnic cleansing.”

  10. I have to thank Charles for his discernment; I hadn’t realized Syria was the bastion of righteousness standing in the way of the Obama/Kerry/ZIONIST AXIS OF DOMINATION !!! It’s all so CLEAR now, why didn’t I see this before ???

    On a more serious note, I have to change my vote to genocidal, but not genocide.


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