Lest We Forget: Remembering the 9-11 Religious Aftermath Too

As we pause to remember those who died in the September 11 tragedy, let us also never forget the theologically perverse religious drivel that spewed forth from the mouths of two of the most ridiculous religious leaders to have ever lived in the days immediately following the tragedy.

May we never forget how religion was misused and abused to promote the conservative cause in the wake of tragedy.

Remember, according to Robertson and Falwell, God hates liberals, so he caused thousands of innocent people to be murdered as punishment.

And you should blame the feminists, the gays, the lesbians, the abortionists, the federal courts, the pagans, the secularists, the ACLU, and People for the American Way, because it’s their fault God killed innocent people.

Damnable, damnable idiots.

(HT: Christian Nightmares)

3 Responses

  1. Be fair, Doc. Falwell and Robertson are no more representative of Conservatives than Congressman Hank Johnson (Guam may capsize) and the Animal Liberation Front are representative of Liberals.

    Those guys aren’t Conservatives, they are/were just nutjobs – which are available in ALL political stripes.

  2. Not speaking for the conservatives, whoa, one of them is the founder and son is chancellor of the largest Christian Evangelical University in the world. Somewhere in VA, the Bible Belt with well over 10,000 students, hads to be speaking for/to someone.

    We just had a earthquake, mild tremor felt here in Jerusalem day before yesterday, as this evening is Erev Yon Kippur is it an omen of things to come for those who don’t repent. ?I hope not, but I’ll give it a try, not that I have a lot to atone for :-)

  3. Agreeing with Joe Zias. Falwell oversaw the Moral Majority and one of the greatest political realignments in American history. Roberton has a sprawling media empire, a university, a prominent law firm, and once made a credible run for the presidency.

    You can argue that not all Christians are like them. You can argue that not all conservatives are like them. But both of these men are major figures in conservative politics, and they received enormous amounts of money from faithful conservative backers. Whatever they are, that’s what the American conservative movement is.

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