Translation of Simcha Jacobovici’s Recent Comments

Simcha Jacobovici recently made some comments in response to Prof. Émile Puech, who accused Mr. Jacobovici of abusing him by “putting my name as a proof for their arguments” during a recent interview.

Mr. Jacobovici then went on to make additional comments in response to criticism from and Dr. Mark Goodacre and me regarding continued claims related to his so-called “Jonah Ossuary”.

However it occurred to me that many of my colleagues, especially my Hebrew speaking colleagues at Tel Aviv University, may not be fluent English speakers, and therefore may not be able to understand Mr. Jacobovici’s comments properly.

Therefore, a friend of my 4-month old daughter, Rory Kate, has volunteered to translate Mr. Jacobovici’s response into your native tongue, which has been captured on video below:

My 2-year old son, Mac, wanted to do it, but he just started a new book.

Mac Reads "The Case Against Q" by Dr. Mark Goodacre

Mac Reads “The Case Against Q” by Dr. Mark Goodacre

I hope my Israeli colleagues appreciate this rather accurate summary of Mr. Jacobovici’s comments.

Perhaps my Hebrew-speaking colleagues can also assist Mr. Jacobovici with the translation of my only tattoo, about which Mr. Jacobovici recently emailed me to complain, “Your tattoo of the Tetragrammaton is insulting to religious Jews”.

Robert Cargill's tattoo reads אהבה, or

Robert Cargill’s tattoo reads אהבה, or “love”.

Investigative journalism and fact checking at its finest!

16 Responses

  1. Beautiful. Rory Kate has translated with exceptional expertise. Jacobovici’s distortion of ‘love’, on the other hand, reminds me of Hilaire Belloc’s Matilda, who made a habit of shouting ‘fire’ when there wasn’t one. Such a tragedy, or just inevitable irony, not to see ‘love’.

  2. Steph,

    That is not my daughter. I posted that it’s a ‘friend’. It’s some screaming baby from the Internet.


  3. I knew that she wasn’t your daughter but I did believe she was probably your friend’s daughter. I read the post. But never mind. She’s clearly been reading Jacobovici. I’ve already liked and appreciated your son’s taste in literature elsewhere. Hopefully Mac will meet her at preschool and he offer her something a little less frustrating. I’m wondering how the University of Toronto came to award the American TV star, a Master’s degree in International Relations when he fails to recognise simple ‘love’… I’m appreciating greatly the incisive critical and honest scholarship of you, Mark and Joe especially and Chris R and Steve C. Brilliant, thank you!

  4. “Breath…..” hahahaha I know that feeling

  5. I don’t even pretend to be a linguist, and I can tell that the tattoo isn’t the Tetragrammaton. SMH

  6. […] have been a number of satirical responses, including one by Bob Cargill that includes a serious illustration of Jacobovici’s lack of concern for fact-checking […]

  7. […] mind that more than one of my children have Semitic names. Never mind that I have Hebrew tattooed to my arm. (The fact that Simcha can’t read it is irrelevant.) Never mind that I am invited […]

  8. Dear Mr. Cargill
    Is your Tattoo an ad for the Dead Sea (scrolls) cosmetic products ?

  9. No, but I’ll bet if I give BAR some money and turn it into an anonymous accusation against someone, they could turn it into one…

  10. Dr Deutsch, since you make a point of your PhD and how little you think of ‘Mr’ Cargill’s I was curious, and the only place on the internet where your own PhD comes up is your web site. Could I ask which university awarded it, when, and the topic of your dissertation?

    For example – mine was awarded by London in 2000 for “The Sculptural Decoration of the Doric Order: 375 to 31 BC”

  11. Mr. Cargill, you can think of a more intelligent comment, I presume.

  12. Mr. Deutsch, All I know about you is that you bought an anonymous ad in BAR accusing Dr. Goren of something inappropriate. And that you’re an antiquities dealer. And that you were tried and acquitted with Oded Golan. That’s really it.
    Help me learn a little more about you: What was the title of your dissertation? Was it through TAU or Haifa? Do you still dig at Megiddo? If not, why not?
    And why did you place the ad in BAR anyway?

    And surely YOU can think of a more intelligent comment, I presume, than thinking my tattoo is somehow related to company whose logo looks like this.

  13. given Mr. Deutsch’s relationship to recent ads, or supposed ad placement as is the case of a Hebrew-lettered tattoo, perhaps his degree was in marketing.

  14. Dear Dr. Cargill. In a more civilized manner – your last post should have been your first one. As you confessed, you have no idea who and what I am. You just attacked me out of the blue. First you postulate, than you accuse, and later you ask me if you are correct. Therefore I will ignore some of your questions. As to Goren – are you his right hand? Is he using you as a pen? As to BAR, you think that they published that ad for money? If you think so, than you are wrong. And Yes – you are (and your colleague Dorothy) very curious about my academic career. Yes, my PhD is from the Tel-Aviv University, not from an anonymous one in a village in US. If you will be in Baltimore we can meet and I will tell you more about it (and bring you diploma as well).

  15. Dr. Deutsch,

    Actually, I DO know a lot about you, and “what” you are (your words). I was asking in order to let you explain to some of my readers some of your answers to some of their questions in your own words.

    And I did NOT a “attack you out of the blue”, rather, I responded to an ad you placed anonymously, which was designed to attack one of my colleagues. I researched the situation, learned the facts, and published them. It was nice to see BAR CONFIRM these facts in the pages of THEIR publication as well.

    I asked you for YOUR answers to, once again, give you the opportunity to respond in your own words. The fact that you continue to decline to respond to some questions is your prerogative.
    Your questions about Goren are rhetorical. I write what I write. If he wants to write, he may do so.
    BAR confirmed to me that you placed the ad. The amount and form of compensation was not discussed, and is irrelevant to the fact that you placed the ad.

    You confirmed that your completed PhD is from Tel Aviv, but did not give the title. I would assume given our joint appreciation for ancient coinage that it was on a numismatic subject, but I could be mistaken.

    Again, I’m just trying to give you the opportunity to clarify. Should you wish to remain a unknown mystery, that is entire understandable.



  16. You really can’t win with these guys, can you? If you HAD had the Tetragrammaton tattooed on you in a conspicuous place, I’m sure Mr Jacobovici would have accused you of having “Hate” tattooed on your other appendage in proto-Ugaritic. Because he just knows these things!

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