New History Channel Documentary “Bible Secrets Revealed” Begins Airing November 11

History logoI’m pleased to announce that a new documentary series will begin airing on History beginning Monday, November 11, 2013 at 10:00pm / 9:00 Central.

The series is entitled, Bible Secrets Revealed, and is produced by Prometheus Entertainment for the History channel.

The titles of the six episodes and their schedule of appearance are as follows:

“Lost in Translation” – November 11, 2013
“The Promised Land” – November 18, 2013
“The Forbidden Scriptures” – November 25, 2013
“The Real Jesus” – December 2, 2013
“Mysterious Prophecies” – December 16, 2013
“Sex and the Bible” – December 23, 2013

The documentary features dozens of the world’s top biblical scholars, religious studies scholars, archaeologists, and historians, who offer different points of view while addressing some of the more difficult readings in the biblical and extra-biblical texts.

It is also worth note that portions of the documentary were filmed on site during the 2013 season of archaeological excavation at Tel Azekah.

Please tune in to this documentary, which seeks to address difficult biblical scriptures and teachings in a responsible, academic, yet entertaining manner. The series is certain to be compelling as much for its scholarship as for its examination of secrets buried deep within the biblical texts, that have often traditionally been known only to scholars.

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    Sounds intriguing. Will have to give it a look.

  2. Is it showing in Canada too?

  3. Dunno. I assume so. I’ll check.

  4. Is this a joke? “Secrets hidden deep within the Biblical text” ! The post sounds like a press release for some Jacobovici nonsense. I imagine these dozens of scholars will have their comments cherry picked for producers’ whim and pleasure. And this Prometheus Entertainment company seems to have a spectacular track record for producing highly academic and scholarly material, such as “Ancient Aliens”, “How Playboy Changed the World,” and “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches.” Bravo!

  5. Actually, “secrets” is in the title to draw an audience, but this is far from any spectacular sensationalist series. In fact, it’s a lot of actual scholars talking about the difficult passages within the Bible – the ones that are hard to apologize for, or that cause internal problems within the text.

    I’m guessing the network liked “Bible Secrets Revealed” better than “Scholarly Methodologies in the Interpretation and Reception History of Biblical Texts”. Flows better.

    And unlike some other production companies, Prometheus has a long track record of producing hits from a variety of different fields, from entertainment, to sci-fi, to biographies, to travel, to the Bible.

    (But rest assured, Giorgio and Kendra don’t appear in the series… ;-)

  6. Thanks, Bob; I look forward to seeing the series. There’s a trailer up now on History channel too –

  7. This series is a joke. The history channel is giving in to the conspiracy type groups, instead of giving us history! Sad! Shame on you! Change your name to the “what if” channel.

  8. When can we expect the history channel to do “Secrets of the Koran?”

  9. ooh. I’d watch that. Can you imagine if someone did a popular critical analysis on the Qur’an the same way we do the Bible? That would be fun viewing.
    Great suggestion!


  10. Actually, this show is the actual history. We’re not asking ‘what if’, but rather saying, ‘here’s the evidence (or lack thereof)’. here’s what we know and what we don’t. for once, we’re getting actual history on History.


  11. There are no secrets in the Bible, people, it is all there for you to read. You need to take this show off the air before God does it for you. Jesus not born of a virgin? how crazy, since God said he was born of virgin then he was born of a virgin. Secrets of the bible you have got to be kidding me.

  12. God takes TV shows off the air?
    Is that what happened to ‘We Are Men’ and ‘Lucky 7’?

  13. I’d agree that that’s what happened to Glenn Beck’s show…

  14. I’m interested to know when/if you are doing a series on the Koran? I’m sure a “Lost in Translation” episode would work there too. An episode on “The Real Muhammad” would be great also.

  15. I’d love to see that. I’d love to see a number of critical Islamic scholars from secular state universities ask tough questions about the text if the Qur’an.

  16. Wow—Mark Jay Roberts! And …don’t mess with the Tooth Fairy or the Wicked Witch either. What is written is always true!

  17. Hey Bob, Not even knowing you, I can tell you are as liberal and dedicated to the control and equal distribution, of well, everthing. Am I right? I did say the comment “Before God takes it off” in a heat of passion and quite frankly if you want to air this show I believe God will do his will with it as he sees fit, what ever that may be. To compare shows with that comment tells me you are tring to change the subject. In all fairness Glenn stills has his radio show and operates the Blaze and is tring to get his internet channel promoted to cable. He is busy and is not going away anytime soon. I am not sure what your comparison is with “We are Men” and “Lucky 7”. to “Bible secrets revealed”.

  18. from the previews I saw, it’s all a pack of lies from Satan. The Bible is the true Word of God and God doesn’t lie. Only true Christians know and understand the Bible and the people who think they know the answers are relying on their own wisdom, not God’s. I think the show should be taken off the air!

  19. So Satan has video editing equipment?

    God doesn’t lie? Care to explain 1 Kings 22:23 to me? “So the LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets of yours; for the LORD has decreed disaster upon you.”
    Jeremiah 20:7? “O LORD, you deceived me, and I was deceived; you overpowered me and prevailed.”
    How about Ezek 14:9? “If a prophet is deceived and speaks a word, I, the LORD, have deceived that prophet;”
    2 Thessalonians 2:11? “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion, leading them to believe what is false.”
    (And please don’t yell ‘context’, because it’s silly.)

    “Only true Christians” is eerily identical to the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

    You should watch the show. You might learn something…like the fact that the BIBLE ITSELF says that God lies, deceives, and yes, is responsible for evil: Isa. 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

    This is one reason why this show is on the air: to teach people what the Bible actually says, not just what you think it says.

  20. If you did a series on the Koran, wouldn’t you be afraid of sparking the next Benghazi? Or possibly being the next Sam Bacile?

  21. Hell will be really hot. We shall all stand before the Lord and be judged.

  22. I wonder what the flames of hell use as fuel?

  23. No. I’d just get snarky, judgmental comments from Muslims instead of Christians.

  24. The flames of Hell use CNG. Mr Deity has gotten into the whole green thing and has rolled it out over the last few years. Quite responsible really if you think about it.

  25. Bob you have a very distorted view of God and his word. I would contend that the fire of hell is not an actual fire. And that God does not lie. Numbers 23:19. Hebrews 6:18 so that by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have taken refuge would have strong encouragement to take hold of the hope set before us.

    I will watch your show and I will get back to you.

  26. So, we’ve got a clue f verses that say God doesn’t lie, and a few that say that he does. There’s a word for this methinks.

    Why do you base your beliefs about God on some verses, and ignore the verses you don’t agree with?

    And how does my knowledge of verses in the Bible you weren’t familiar with make my view ‘distorted’? I cited the Bible just like you did. But my verses contradict your claim. I’d argue if anyone’s view of god is distorted, it’s the one makes a claim about God that can be refuted in 20 seconds with multiple verses from the Bible.


  27. Dr. Cargill, I’ll definitely watch the show because I can’t wait to see all of the license taken and distortions portrayed on TV for the world to see.

    Your translation above of Isaiah 45:7 is horrific (you should know better). It’s obvious that evil is the incorrect translation of the Hebrew word ra’. He start’s by comparing light to darkness. Then he compares peace to “evil?”

    Excuse me, the opposite of peace is not evil in our vernacular. The opposite of peace would be for example (war, distress, calamity, distruction). If the word evil was inserted it wouldn’t be in the since you are talking about. It would be evil as in the opposite of shalom.

    The opposite of evil is good. As in Genesis 2:9 talking about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It’s not shalom and ra in that text, it’s towb and ra’

    Lucky for me, I don’t even have to be a hebrew scholar to figure that out. Just common since and a concordance.

    Is Romans 1 happening to you? Have you been given over to a reprobate mind?

  28. First, it’s not my translation. It King James’.

    Second, the Hebrew reads:
    יוֹצֵר אוֹר וּבוֹרֵא חֹשֶׁךְ, עֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם וּבוֹרֵא רָע; אֲנִי יְהוָה, עֹשֶׂה כָל-אֵלֶּה
    I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that does all these things.

    Now, the verse is clearly stating that YHWH is responsible for “all these (things)/everything” (כָל-אֵלֶּה). That’s the point of the text. God is responsible for everything, including evil. Remember, this is a monotheistic faith, and Isaiah predates the presence of a “satan” in the Israelite religious tradition.

    But are you really going to attempt to argue that suddenly רָע somehow doesn’t mean ‘evil’?

    You then argue “the opposite of peace is not evil in our vernacular”. But “our vernacular” is not as important as the actual Hebrew text, and in Hebrew, רָע is the word for “evil”
    In Genesis 2:17, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and EVIL (רָע) is the same word.

    Even the Septuagint of Isa 45:7 translates שָׁלוֹם as “peace” (εἰρήνην) and רָע as “evil/bad” (κακά).
    “ὁ ποιῶν εἰρήνην καὶ κτίζων κακά.”

    It’s not my translation, it the Greek LXX from which the NT so often quotes.

    You’re hung up on the assumption of opposite pairs, and focused on the words ‘peace’ and ‘good’, but you yourself just admitted that רָע = evil. You just made my point.

    Words can be the dualistic opposites for more than one word. But either way, you just admitted that רָע is ‘evil’.

    You say you’re not a Hebrew scholar. This much is evident. Perhaps take up Hebrew and Greek, find a consistent hermeneutic and some logical consistency, ditch the special pleading, and then we can talk.

    Cheers, bc

  29. – The point of the text is not that God is responsible for everything. Can you prove that this is an all inclusive everything?

    – Isaiah predates the idea of Satan? What about the book of Genesis, Job, Chronicles, Psalms, and possibly the book of Isaiah itself. Are you saying these other books were written after Isaiah or that the Israelites didn’t know about Satan from reading these books?

    I’m saying that in this context it doesn’t mean evil as in the person responsible for sin. It would mean disaster, destruction, calamity, woe or the opposite of peace. That’s how it’s rendered in the NKJV, ESV, NLV, NIV, NASB, RSV and the list goes on. The only version that rendered it evil was the KJV. The KJV uses a lot of words differently then we use them today. That’s why it’s important to look at the context.

    My assumption is made because it’s evident in the text that he’s using polar opposites (light and darkness, peace and war). He’s not using the opposite of good which would be evil (towb and ra’).

    No more pleads. I didn’t realize you were already a self professed agnostic until after I wrote the original post. I just remember a time when I understood you to be a believer and that was the reason for my last question. My apologies. I even remember you praying for and breaking the bread at communion many years ago.

    Excited for the series. Best wishes to you!

  30. Mr. Cargill I am a bible reading, soul winning Christian and I am also going to college to obtain my degree in Ministry. I have to ask you though, are you a Christian? Now I dont want to offend you but I have to ask because from what I am reading in the comments is you dont believe the bible to be true. Correct me if I am wrong please. I believe this series is just going to cause more confusion and put doubt in others minds. I know Jesus as my saviour. I know the bible to be true regardless of what any secular scholars may think they know. Now again I am not attacking you Mr. Cargill so please do not comment with anger. Lets have a discussion on this. Are you a Christian?

  31. Nevermind, I read your bio and you are an agnostic. No wonder college students are all fooled into being none believers, because they are being lied to by non believers who believe they have great wisdom. And why are you against Archeology being used to prove the Bible, is it because it has been such a great friend to the bible?

  32. Also as a non believer why do you feel you need to correct Christians? I dont see anyone ever attacking the teachings of Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism. But so many spend years seeking to confuse and disprove Christianity. It all makes sense because Jesus said, “If your for me then the world will be against you.”

  33. In response your claims that God lies, please read this article if you have the time,

    I know you will probably say it is biased but wouldnt it be far to say that the information you teach is biased considering you are an non believer?

  34. Also in the commercial for the series a so called scholar claims that Isaiah 7:14 is mistranslated. Here is a link refuting that claim.

    Its true the correct translation of Isaiah 7:14 should read, “a young woman” but a young woman in those times wouldve been unmarried therefore it is assumed that this young woman would be a virgin.

  35. I apologize in advance if I sound as if I am attacking you and your colleagues as that is not my intention. It just appears to be an attack on bible believeing Christians. Correct me if I am wrong please. Thanks in advance.

  36. *I mean the series seems to be an attack

  37. For an instant there I thought Dr. Cargill was outing himself as a KJV-onlyist. Which would add a whole new level of hilarity to the conversation.

  38. Hello Mr. Cargill. I know you’re a busy man and probably haven’t had time to answer my questions that I asked. I just wanted to ask you one more and I hope you will take the time to answer. I was reading in one of your other blog topics someone said that you look bitter. You responded with a series of things that give you a bitter taste in your mouth. One in particular was “people that kill in the name of God.” What I find interesting is you are spending so much effort on disproving the bible as fact, and I am curious why you are not spending that effort disputing Islam. One of the main “pillars” of Islam is Jihad, which is killing others in the name of God, not to mention the millions of people Muslims have killed, including thousands of Christians, in the name of God. So if it makes you so bitter why don’t you try and refute it. You seem to be a very intelligent scholar, although I don’t agree with your interpretations of Scripture, I know if anyone could present a strong case against Islam then it would be you. I know many atrocities have been committed by the Roman Catholic church in the name of God, particularly the Crusades, but you know as well as I do that was not God’s will according to the Bible. So do you ever plan to refute the Islamic scriptures like you are refuting the Bible? Or are you going to be like the countless other scholars who don’t like to dispute anything but Christianity, out of fear of offending the Muslims? Please I am not trying to be rude I would just like an honest answer. Thank you sir. Goodnight.

  39. Mr. Cargill,

    You speak of snarky and judgmental comments. Please reread your comments. After doing so you will have to agree that some of your comments are snarky also. And as for judging, isn’t that what your program is all about? Don’t you want us to watch it and judge for ourselves? What’s wrong with being judgmental?

  40. […] several bloggers have already noted, this coming Monday, November 11, Wednesday, November 13, the History Channel will begin […]

  41. Every other version that I can find translates it as something other than “evil.” That alone proves my point.

    Also, are you trying to claim that the Israelites didn’t know about Satan when Isaiah was written? What about the book of Genesis, Job, Chronicles, and probably even the earlier portions of Isaiah?

    No more pleading. I Just remember a time when you were a believer. At least I thought you were. Maybe that was someone else praying for and serving communion at that church in Malibu. Either way, I wish you and your family well.

  42. I suspect another attack on Christianity. Islam and Hinduism (etc.) exist but are not fallen upon with such enthusiasm. Curiously enough, this kind of thing fulfills christian prophesy…

  43. Documentaries about the Bible are “attacks on Christianity”?

    Documentaries about the Bible are foretold in the Bible?

    Pray tell, do explain.

  44. Saw the preview. THis show is Non-Christian propaganda garbage.

  45. You are in business because science has thus far failed to teach us anything about the origin of… anything. Leave the Bible to Christians — we know what it means. We live Jesus’ preachings, or try to. And no, ROFL, Jesus was far from a Socialist… there are plenty of places where we are commanded to be personally responsible, not lazy, etc… and to *personally* give to the poor.

    Anyway, people who know the Lord and have him in their hearts will hopefully ignore this secularly inspired crap and remember the truth:

    1) That only faith in Jesus can save our immortal souls
    2) That obeying Jesus’s teaching (golden rule, two greatest commandments, etc.) is the key to happiness.
    3) That only Jesus gives us true peace.
    4) That the Bible is all true (either literally or to teach life lessons…) and is all divinely inspired

    Millions of Christians? Try 2+ billion…. and we aren’t going to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

    Borrowing from Thomas A Kempis:

    Man proposes; God disposes.

  46. “Saw the preview. THis show is Non-Christian propaganda garbage.”


    “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.”

    Faith is a gift. Some just don’t have it — this is their show. Be secure in your salvation in Christ. Science (or simply the lack of faith…) is a tool of Satan to keep the eyes of some off of what is important, at least in terms of science trying to explain our origins, disprove the Lord, etc. Heck, one day in the biblical creation story could have been meant to represent 1 billion actual years. how would *that* fit in with science’s “understanding”?

    When science explains where and how matter started, i might start to listen.

    God is eternal — nothing came before Him, so nothing was necessary to create God. God, thus, created matter, space, and time. There you go. Disprove that, science. Work another thousand years trying to… while I and those like me laugh at your wasted effort.

  47. Dr. Cargill – First let me say that I am not a religious person, but your fair and patient replies to many of the posters on this board is truly admirable. My only dialogue with the overly zealous are usually for my own entertainment, since it is so easy to poke logical holes in much of religious hyperbole. It never ends up well though, so at this point I generally avoid the debate. Edward Wilson attempted a connection between science, anthropology and religion in his book, Consilience, though I don’t think that worked particularly well either. But I do applaud you for trying. Dialogue is critical to moving rational thought forward and to the better understanding of each other. Good job!

    (I can only imagine the vitriolic responses this message will elicit).

  48. Why is the show not on my guide now? I was planning on watching it right after watching The Bible, but it shows that Pawn Stars is coming on next??? Any advice anyone??

  49. Carey,

    A couple of weeks ago, it was rescheduled to Wed. Nov 13. Same time.


  50. THANK YOU!

  51. “just common since (sic) and a concordance” – bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! the best thing these fundamentalists could do to advance their beliefs is to shut up and stop embarrassing themselves. good grief.

  52. Hello Bob,
    While I love your “So, Satan has video editing equipment” line, I have to say the verses of scripture you refer to are being taken out of context:

    — For example, Isaiah 45:7 – the word ‘evil’ in this verse does not refer to moral evil (God is not morally evil nor can he create or do moral evil).
    So as to not take up so much space, please take time and read the following article from Christian Courier (Wayne Jackson is great with words and has a deep understanding of the Bible):

    And to Donna,
    God bless you; and while I agree with what you said, I do not believe this show should be taken off the air. Believe me, I am no fan of the History Channel; however, as Christians, we need to try harder by setting a better standard (God’s standard) in our lives, a standard that will make others take notice.

    While there are shows out there that deserve to be shut down, “Secrets of the Bible” is not one of them. Listen to what these people have to say and learn how to counter their views, which they are entitled to, with the truth.
    Christians need to be more educated concerning their faith in order to have the confidence to witness to non believers (witness to, not attack).

    It’s frustrating, I know. It would be nice to read some more calm-headed (if you will) discussions, but people’s beliefs obviously stir emotions — I understand this all too well.

    God bless all!

  53. Bob put your trust in Jesus Christ and watch Him work in your life.

  54. […] series begins airing on Nov 13, 2013 at 10/9c. The series airs every Wednesday for the next six […]

  55. I just watched the show and found it interesting. However, I did find at least one thing potentially problematic. The show pointed out that the earliest manuscripts we have of Mark don’t include 16:9-20 which is true. However, I may have missed this being mentioned, but I don’t recall the scholars on the show mentioning that while some early church fathers also didn’t seem to know of the longer version of Mark 16, the 2nd century church fathers Justin Martyr, Tatian, and Irenaeus (who lived and wrote before the oldest manuscripts we have currently of Mark were written) seemingly were familiar with it and quoted from it. This perhaps is a nitpick, but the reason I find this potentially problematic is that if this was indeed omitted some people might come to think there is no early evidence in support of the longer version of Mark 16 which isn’t true.

  56. ok so all of you saying this is lies from satan and it needs to not air and that god said this and that do you hear god does he talk to you mark jay Roberts and donna really

  57. The longer version of Mark was added at a later date. It’s why you don’t hear about it until the 2nd C fathers. That’s where the show came down, as do most scholars.
    Thanx for your comment. – bc

  58. How do we know that for certain when the earliest manuscripts we have came after the 2nd century fathers? Why isn’t it possible or likely that the manuscripts that omit verses 9-20 were actually in the minority in the early days of Christianity and for some reason those ancient manuscripts were better preserved and thus survived while the manuscripts that didn’t omit those verses didn’t survive to our knowledge/

  59. I watched last night. What was the point about that segment the Son of Man being Lord of the Sabbath? Jesus referred to himself as the Son of Man all over the place. In the greek it is: υἱὸς ἀνθρώπου.

    My theory is that Jesus was using the same title that Daniel used. See Daniel 7:13. In Daniel 7:13 it uses the same greek according to the LXX: υἱὸς ἀνθρώπου.

    Also, the portion about Goliath shows lack of understanding and research. Point 1: the battles took place in different locations. Point 2: Saul was alive when David killed Goliath. Point 3: Saul was dead when Elthanah killed Goliath. Point 4: It could have been another Goliath altogether or it could have been a brother of Goliath. Your point only makes sense if we’re talking about the same Goliath and it’s obvious that these passages are talking about separate events.

    I would love to see all you scholars on this show talk about how Daniel 9 lays out the exact timing of the Messiah the King presenting himself. It also lays out that Messiah would be killed/executed. Daniel 9:24-27. I’m sure you already have some token response about how Daniel isn’t authentic because it’s written in 2 languages. It does appear in the LXX though.

    I’d also love to see what you do with the abomination of desolation and other prophecies that were fulfilled in Daniel 11. We know for a fact that Daniel was written sometime before 270 BC because it’s in the LXX. Antiochus IV Epiphanes didn’t perform the abomination of desolation until 167 BC.

    Late dating Daniel would seem to help your cause, but you can’t late date it because of the LXX.

    You know what would be refreshing? Include a voice on the show of someone that believes he/she can prove that the scriptures can be authenticated. It was kind of a redundant show because no one had a different point of view.

    You were all saying that the New Testament books were written by authors other than Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, etc. You can’t prove that. All you can prove is that it can’t be proved that they were written by them. Well done.

    The fact that the Bible has 66 books written by 40 or more people is pretty phenomenal. Especially because most of the authors didn’t even know each other because the different books were written over thousands of years. The message rings so clear throughout though. That is staggering evidence that it is divinely inspired.

  60. I can’t believe the History Channel would stoop this low; then again being produced by prometheus (Satanic) entertainment says it all!!! These vile, condemned, evil, and Satanist degenerates can go straight to HELL!!! Which They most certainly will!!!

  61. Woe to the scribes…the Bible “experts” of today are nothing more than hypocrites. They pretend to serve Christianity but indeed serve the devil. These majority texts and lists of “contradictions” and “errors” have long been addressed, even since the time of the 1599 Geneva Bible that came with study notes. The point of the series is to weaken Christianity by putting dout in the mind of weak believers that never actually study the Bible. Cargill should be ashamed of himself but he is most certainly not. Just another Vatican stooge.

  62. Must. Approve. This. Comment. :)

  63. LOL…as if. I’m not implying that you are a secret agent working for the Vatican. You are simply a willing dupe of the ecumenical movement, which as you know was spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church and gobbled up by pseudo Christians like yourself. What you profess about Christianity is no different than the orations of Cicero. If you want to be a philosopher then by all means go be one. If you want to call yourself a Christian then by all means, act like one. As far as your state of affairs is concerned…Romans 1:22 pretty much sums it up.

  64. I’m a Christian and I read the bible almost every day. While watching some of my favorite shows on the History Channel the teasers for ” The Bible Secrets” kept showing between shows. At first I wasn’t interested and thougt about it and thought it would be ay good idea to hear what these”scholars” had to say. So, I watched first one and no proof was given, it was based on opinion. When the program started the tried to discredit the dead sea scrolls and at the end of the program they wondered where the missing pieces might be and there information out there we havent found yet. I was actually sort of embarrassed for these PHD’s who spoke with no solid evidence and they spoke of no ” secrets” So they lied!

  65. Here is what I don’t get about the haters. I don’t like those “reality crime” shows so I don’t watch them. So why are they watching this show on the history chanel. Proves my theory many of those who call themselves Christians are some very angry individuals. How can the spirit of God fill a heart so filled with anger and hatred. So what if Cargill is going to hell (guess I will too) what business is it of theirs. Besides what makes them so certain that he will? The term Christian should be crossed referenced with words like repressed, angry, and moral immaturity.
    As Billy Joel stated so eloquently years ago “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.”

  66. Edmund, as a Christian, it’s horrible to say, but I have to admit you have a point in some of what you wrote. There are indeed Christians and people who think and call themselves “Christians” who act in ways that discredit Christianity, but not all Christians act that way and there are some Christians who may act that way out of fleshliness but once they realize they have tarnished Christ’s name and reputation, they ask for forgiveness and seek reconciliation with those they have hurt and offended. I’m sorry that we have acted in such a way as to misrepresent Christ and blacken his image and reputation and on behalf of myself and all my fellow Christians I ask Jesus’s forgiveness, your forgiveness, Dr. Cargill’s forgiveness, and forgiveness from everyone else who was turned off, hurt, or offended. I don’t know the state of your soul or Dr. Cargill’s, I hope and pray neither you, he, nor anyone else goes to Hell. Speaking for myself, I watched this show to try to learn more about the Bible and to, at the very least, try to understand where scholars who don’t view the Bible as I do are coming from.

    Dr. Cargill, you thanked me for my comment. Thank you for taking time out of your day to respond. I hope you have time eventually to respond to the follow up questions I had above. If not, I understand you’re busy. I’m just thankful that you took the time to respond the first time. One constructive criticism about the program is that it didn’t allow you and the other scholars to properly explain how you got from point A to point B on several of the points the show was trying to make. I suppose that mostly has to do with having a limited amount of time to be on one subject. I hope the future programs in the series, as well as any other programs you and other Bible scholars are involved in, will better explain yours and your fellow scholars’ line of thinking because there are Christians out there like myself who may not agree with all the conclusions you and your fellow Biblical scholars come to but we’re willing to examine and try to understand them with an open mind and even change our own perspective and beliefs based upon solid evidence.

  67. Why not allow my previous comments? Typical of someone like you. Here’s another comment for you to delete: You express your views on national television, in your anti-Christian articles, that are blatantly deist and ecumenically minded, and here in your comments section, so I think it’s OK for me to express my views to you here. I decided to read through your past comments relating to this article and noticed that you have no problem making broad accusations against God by calling him a liar (comment Nov 4 at 11:27am) and provided verses in order to prove your point (I Kings 22:23, Jeremiah 20:7, Ezekiel 14:9, II Thessalonians 2:11). Out of context “teaching” is hurtful to the exact people that you are supposed to be helping. To say that you took one of those verses out of context is an understatement and for you to suggest that anyone accusing you of doing so as being “silly” is revealing of your character. I’m going to do you a favor and put those verses in context for you: God does not lie to those that follow Him (Hebrews 6:17-18) nor does He even have such a need (Numbers 23:19) even though when in times of weakened faith and impatience we perceive that we have been lied to (Jeremiah 15:18 and 20:7). However, and here is where you come in, God most assuredly lies to those that have pleasure in telling and hearing lies (I Kings 22:23, Ezekiel 14:9, II Thessalonians 2:11). To make a blanket statement that God is a liar with no contextual reference to follow it up with…well sir, you are pathetic. Now I see why you are on the History Channel. Hearst styled propaganda at its finest with little old you doing all the dirty work. You’re more akin to a prostitute than you are a professor. I hate to repeat myself, but you seem to have adopted Romans 1:22 as a personal motto rather than heeded its warning. It’s not about what you want the Bible to say, it’s about the Truth. Does the vessel have power over the potter? Were you made for honor or destruction? The answers are obvious, as you well know.

  68. What previous comments? I see some comments from ‘Bill Gates’ @ yahoo and now from ‘Bill Clinton’ @ yahoo. Are these aliases for the same person?

  69. Very good. You learn fast. You’re also fast at reposting comments that you previously did not allow through the moderation process. Sneaky. But what else should I expect from someone like you :)

  70. Bow you’re Bill Cosby. So hiding behind aliases. Your choice, but I tend not to spend time with anonymous folks. It’s a long story (but a well documented one ;-)

    And yes, I approve comments in chunks, as I do not have time to spend all day at my computer awaiting your comments for approval. As for what else you should expect from someone like me…watch the next episode. :)

    cheers, bc

  71. I encourage anyone interested in real scholarship and archeology as they pertain to the Bible to check out Jim & Penny Caldwell’s 8 part interview (Mountain of God) found on youtube. I noticed the second show in the series “Bible Secrets Revealed” completely ignored it. The information they reveal completely discredits the show’s “no evidence for the Exodus” assertion. Also, watch Ron Wyatt Amazing Discoveries on youtube if you really want to see authentic evidence for the claims of the Bible.

  72. I have really appreciated reading you Bob Cargill. I have not learned anything new so far in this series other than an introduction to you via the show. This in my opinion is a grand benefit for me. I am an X- Christian who has read the bible countless of times; an X-fundy to be honest. Another point regarding God lying; one only has to reference the Jonah story.
    I find you to be in a unique position as an archaeologist much like Israel Finkelstein is in the same unique position; regarding claims from biblical passages. I have read works from Ehrman, Pagels, Leeming; heck I even took the time to read Rohl due to a fundy Christian attempting to use him as a source to validate the Exodus. Yeah the event in which over 2 million people camped at a location (Kadesh Barnea) yet no evidece found when of course much garbage would have been generated for people like yourself to find later. Never the less, I now have one more author to read and I am looking forward to read more of your works.


  73. One thing I seemed to notice was that when Jesus asked one of his disciples, in the bible, what he would describe of him. The disciple answered, ” You are the son of the living God.” If God was living, then Jesus theoretically could not exist. He couldn’t exist because, after all, he is the god, the son, and the Holy Spirit. But if god was living, then Jesus, being the same as god, could not live because he lives in a different form somewhere else. For that matter, he was someone getting out of work so he could get donations and preach falsely, and here the world is basing a false calendar off of him. Therefor, for a disciple to answer that, Jesus would have had to made a minor error in lying to his own disciple. According to the bible as well, it clearly states that we all are the children of god. So he is no different than the rest of us. Son of God must mean not what we thought it did.

  74. Tom said: “When science explains where and how matter started, i might start to listen.”

    First things first, Science is not an entity, it does not say anything, it is a method of discovery.
    Here is a simply explanation of the method.

    Formulate an hypothesis about that which is observed
    Test hypothesis, test again, and again and again.
    Formulate a theory and send to Peer Review.
    Theory is then Tested, and Tested and tested.

    Always remember the Scientific Method does not PROVE anything, it is used to DISPROVE. There is a difference between something being ‘proven’ opposed to being ‘disproved’. Answers gathered via the Scientific Method are not absolutes, but most probable.

    The scientific method does show us what matter is; matter is a form of ENERGY.

    Tom said: “God is eternal — nothing came before Him, so nothing was necessary to create God. God, thus, created matter, space, and time. There you go. Disprove that, science. ”

    Sure thing Tom; The First Law of Thermodynamics disproves your claim. Energy is eternal; it cannot be created or destroyed. Unlike your god; energy can be observed. Look at the evidence Lightening(form of energy) offers; You do not see the lightening, but you can observe the after effects which is the burned atmosphere. You can set up an experiment to observe it again and again. No such experiment exists to disprove your claim about God. When you devise one, get back to me.

  75. Watching this documentary now and have never heard such BS! This is definitely satan at work trying his best to discredit and disprove the bible. Nice try DEVIL, but all you did was strengthen my belief in the Bible, and in Jesus!

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