Explaining -41 degrees wind chill to my SoCal friends

The weather in Iowa City, IA on Jan 6, 2014 was -15 with a wind chill of -41.

The weather in Iowa City, IA on Jan 6, 2014 was -15 with a wind chill of -41.

The weather in Iowa City, IA on Jan 6, 2014 was -15 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the wind chill, the temperature feels like -41 degrees.

Let me explain to all my friends and colleagues in southern California what -41 degrees actually means.

It means that you have to add 73 DEGREES (41 + 32 = 73) just to get to freezing!

Look at it this way: the difference between the wind chill right now in Iowa City and the point at which water freezes is the same as freezing (32) +73 degrees = 105 degrees!

To put that into perspective, where I used to live in SoCal, it’s the difference between the coldest day of winter and one of the hottest days of summer.

You have to add THAT MUCH HEAT just to get to freezing right now.

That’s what -41 wind chill means: adding the range of ALL WEATHER in Los Angeles just to get to freezing.

This makes going to the local grocery store a little more treacherous.

Going to Hy-Vee Tauntaun meme


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  1. Dear Dr. Cargill, I remember what my children once said when watching the news about another such storm which hit the Buffalo area years back… “Mommy, where do they get a machine big enough to make that much ice?” Ah, Southern California. I hope you and all of yours, family and students alike are safe and out of the extremes!

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