Summaries and expanded discussions of Bible Secrets Revealed Episodes 1-4 available at Bible History Daily

Bible History Daily
I have provided episode summaries of History‘s documentary series “Bible Secrets Revealed” episodes 1-4 at the Bible History Daily website. I’ve also included expanded discussions of many specific issues, as well as answers to many questions posed by Biblical Archaeology Society readers.

The discussions range from the origin of Jesus’ title “Son of Man”, to the origin of the virgin conception of Jesus, to how translators of the Bible fixed the problem of who really killed Goliath.

"Bible Secrets Revealed" Title Image (Courtesy Prometheus Entertainment)

The summaries are here:

Episode 1: Lost in Translation

Episode 2: The Promised Land

Episode 3: Forbidden Scriptures

Episode 4: The Real Jesus

I shall be providing a summary for Episode 5: Mysterious Prophecies soon, and will do the same for Episode 6: Sex and the Scriptures once it airs.

I may also pull some excerpts from those discussions and repost them here on occasion in order to highlight certain points and promote discussion.


6 Responses

  1. I am probably one of the few people left who do not have live/cable/satellite television (I am sure that you can probably guess most of the reasons). However, since I have come to respect you as a scholar, I was looking forward to viewing the program later on the internet. So, it was with great chagrin, needless to say, when all of a sudden, I needed to have a television provider. Most of the information presented on the show (episodes 1-3) was already very well known to me. I guess I kept my mind open and my powers of logic sharp. My earliest academic interests lay in ancient history and at a very young age I ceased to consider any religious text as being “historical”. I was an odd child for the late 1950s-early 1960s.
    Anyway, I wish that you and your family are keeping safe and warm. Here in Connecticut, we are at a tropical 16 degrees F.

  2. When will Episode 6 air? We tuned in on Christmas night but it wasn’t there. We’ve enjoyed watching these. Thanks.

  3. Don’t know yet. Sorry.

  4. thank you doctor for these very nice and effective summaries, any other links to watch the full episodes outside the USa available now please?

  5. I just read the article on the first episode of Biblical Secrets Revealed including most of the comments that followed it. One of the first people that you answered included a comment at the end of her question that I think sums up the basic belief of a great many American Christians, she refers to the divinity of the Bible. I have noted this many times in the last few years that the Bible has become a god to these people. They no longer differentiate between the book and the deity who supposedly wrote/inspired it. That is truly frightening. Even more frightening is that they seem to equate the United States with ancient Israel/Judea a la Pat Robinson’s famous post 9 /11 comments.

  6. […] Revealed, Episode 3: “The Forbidden Scriptures” – Biblical Archaeology SocietySummaries and expanded discussions of Bible Secrets Revealed Episodes 1-4 available at Bible History…Bible Secrets Revealed via the History ChannelDon’t Miss Episode 4 of Bible Secrets Revealed: […]

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