Do we need religion to have a moral code?

Do we need religion to have a moral code?

George Herbert Mead collegiate professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Webb Keane, and Dr. Robert Cargill, assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa, discussed the issue with Charity Nebbe, November 1, 2016 on Iowa Public Radio.

Listen now.

5 Responses

  1. Of course not. In fact, religions tend to inhibit the development of a consensus basic moral code, and does not allow the flexibility for individuals to make tough moral choices. Religions tend to see moral choice as absolutist, that is, “black and white,” whereas moral choice in the the real world tends to be a shade of gray.

  2. I have long been a follower of Bob Cargill..a Christian with UU Principles…

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  3. My 2 cents, If we had been taught the difference between faith/pistis and sin/hamartano from the start of our childhood then the moral code would have been recognized right from the start within all of us. The end result of the world we know, much different!

  4. I guess my question would be: What would define the difference between faith and sin? Where do we root that definition?

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