info on the 2010 biblioblogger dinner in atlanta

Gibney's Irish Pub

Gibney's Irish Pub, Atlanta, GA

the 2010 biblioblogger gathering in atlanta this year will be held at gibney’s irish pub (map) on sunday night, november 21, 2010, at 6:45 pm. it’s less than a block away from the main sbl hotel, the hyatt regency atlanta, so los angeles bloggers have no excuse. a dinner menu is available here.

if you are a blogger, a reader of blogs, or are even thinking about blogs, and you blog about the bible, bible places, bible translations, ministry, religion, notes about religion, scripture, god, hebrew and technology, hebrew poetry, epigraphy, scribal practices, the church, christendom, nt interpretation, gnostic gospels, the ancient near east, the biblical worldarchaeology, the roman world, ancient world, christian origins, catholics, academia, total depravity, lost, debunking, palaeobabble, obscure english bands no one has ever heard of, stalin, tea, travel, technology and targums, politics and faith, education, higher ed, old stuff, abnormal stuff, random stuff, awesome stuff, clay stuff general musings, the cleverest things on the net relating to all of the above, or anything else, then you should be at gibney’s in atlanta on sunday, nov. 21 at 6:45 pm. come and go as you’d like, but that’s where we’ll be.

don’t miss the special guest appearance by all 80 of raphael golb’s aliases. and remember, if anyone asks, we’re all jeffrey gibson. ;-)

see you there.

the worst idea ever – smoked salmon flavored vodka

Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodkai like me some occasional vodka. and i am definitely a fan of some raspberry or pear or green apple flavored vodka. in fact, my closest friends think i order ‘chick drinks,’ which they believe fits my personality, complementing my hybrid car, mac laptop, iphone, professor tiggens (my cat), working in west la, opposing prop 8, etc.

the problem with their theory about my lifestyle (other than my wife and daughter) is the fact that i don’t eat sushi. methinks i’m one of only three people in california that doesn’t eat sushi. but there’s a reason for this: i hate fish. can’t stand it. i never eat it if i can help it. same goes for shellfish. it’s not a kosher thing, i just prefer never to eat fish. and while i’ll eat what’s served to me as a guest at a friend’s home or a function, given the option, i’ll never order or eat fish.

so, i was intrigued when my colleague, dr. peter lanfer, recently told me he’d found a solution to my dilemma. he brought my attention this new delicacy: smoked salmon flavored vodka. i am guessing he figured that this would be one way to get me to try fish.

he was wrong.

this is perhaps the most disgusting idea since the hamburger-filled twinkie. seriously. this looks disgusting. the last thing i want is anything to smell like fish when i’m drinking – especially my drink! seriously, what kind of utter depravity is this? (ht: jim west) think about it: fish vodka. mmm… it just rolls right off the tongue… and into the toilet. (ht: peter lanfer)

the best part is the quote from the makers of this vomit vodka:

the current formula took 48 tries, and some of the first 47 attempts were downright disgusting. “Definitely the first few times we had our heave bucket close by,” MacDonald said. “It was pretty bad, and you know, greasy.

methinks i shall stick to my guns. my vodka will remain tasting like chick drinks, and i shall continue to refrain from eating fish. this just reinforces by prior convictions. but, this would make a great gift for that one colleague you really ought to buy a gift for, but really don’t want to. maybe bundle it with a bottle of ipecac to help the process.

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