oye vey: 3d creation movie coming soon

mike fleming brings exclusive news in a deadline new york article entitled, ‘god stars in 3d book of genesis bible tale.’
in the story we learn:

Paramount Pictures and former Walden Media co-founder Cary Granat producing with Reel Fx are mounting In The Beginning, a 3D telling of the creation story. The film is using The Book of Genesis as its primary resource. A script has been written by John Fusco (Hidalgo), and directing will be TV vet David Cunningham.

we also learn that:

the $30 million film will use 3-D visuals to transform the oft-told tale into a spectacle that the filmmakers hope will attract family- and faith-based audiences that flocked to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, that first Chronicles of Narnia installment made on Granat’s Walden watch.

so there you have it. the next great mythological story told in 3d will be the story of adam and eve. and i can’t wait to hear the debates this movie will generate. here are a few just to get us started:

  • will the movie tell the genesis 1 story or the genesis 2 story (or harmonize them into a single creation story)?
  • will the movie give a literal account from the bible or will it embellish the story at all?
  • will the movie be praised by the evangelical christian crowd as much needed in a liberal hollywood climate, or will it be criticized if too much liberty is taken and the script deviates from the biblical account(s).
  • will it be a good script?
  • will it look as good as avatar?
  • will the academic community:
    • embrace it for its portrayal of a biblical story (thereby welcoming a movie based upon a piece of ancient literature)?
    • reject it for propagating a creation myth as historical (if the movie based upon a creation account is marketed as ‘factual’)?
    • embrace it because it embellished a mythological account of creation (and fictional stories should be celebrated as such)?
    • reject it because it feeds a frenzy of fundamentalist religion at a time when we should be critically examining the fundamental stories of various religious traditions over and against our modern, scientific understanding of humanity and the world?

what are your thoughts?

ucla center for digital humanities and second life

Second Life is used to give a lecture on the use of Second Life as a medium for teaching university students

Second Life is used to give a lecture on the use of Second Life as a medium for teaching university students

carina gonzales has written a great piece highlighting the use of second life at ucla entitled, ‘teaching and learning in a 3d virtual universe.’ the article describes a paper given by leigh harris, distinguished lecturer at ucla writing programs and dr. annelie rugg, director of the ucla center for digital humanities, which outlined the goals of the center for digital humanities (cdh) at ucla, how the project came about, and professor harris’s experience as an educator in second life.

Free Image and Movie Downloads at Virtual Qumran

Locus 77 Dining Room at Qumran

Locus 77 Dining Room at Qumran

i have made available for download several images and video clips of the reconstructed khirbet qumran on the www.virtualqumran.com website. you are welcome to download the images for use in your classroom powerpoints and your website. please site dr. robert r. cargill/ virtualqumran.com if you plan on reposting.

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