Introducing Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Introducing Judah Robert Roan Cargill
Born Sept. 30, 2015 at 10:08 pm.
8 lb. 12 oz.
21.25 in.
Many thanks to the amazing team at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital in Iowa City.
Roslyn and Judah are doing fine.

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Daddy and Judah

Judah Robert Roan Cargill

Mommy and Judah

Nonnie and Judah

Nonnie and Judah

Mac Learns To Navigate the Stairs

My son, MacLaren, has developed a superior method for descending the stairs safely and quickly. Note that he gets down on his tummy and then backs onto the stairs, makes sure the gate is closed (safety first!), and then transforms into a penguin to maneuver down the stairs.


more maclaren

Here are more photos of MacLaren from Britt Wilson Photography.

MacLaren Grey Cargill

MacLaren Grey Cargill

MacLaren Grey Cargill fussing

MacLaren after the Red Sox lost

MacLaren arm

Check out my muscles

MacLaren Grey sleeps

MacLaren Grey sleeps

MacLaren ready for a nap

MacLaren Grey Cargill

getting settled into iowa city

Bob, Ros, and Mac

On the porch on the way home from dinner.

the last 4 weeks have been a time of monumental transition and emotion for me and for my family. in the past month, we packed all that we own into storage containers, moved out of our agoura hills condo, moved in with my mom just south of yosemite, experienced the birth of our son, maclaren, loaded all that we own into two moving vans, drove 1800 miles through the california, nevada, and arizona deserts, the utah canyons, over the colorado rockies, across the plains of nebraska, and through the rolling hills of western iowa. we closed on a home in iowa city, moved in, and unpacked. meanwhile, i attended the university of iowa’s new faculty orientation, set up my office (including moving a thousand volumes into my office – motivation enough for a renewed call for e-publishing), met my new colleagues, prepped my courses, learned all (read: some) of the new uiowa policies and procedures, and discovered most of the best places to grab a bite and a cold one. my wife decided to heed some of the doctor’s advice, so she waited precisely one week after maclaren’s birth to get in a car and drive cross-country with my mom and mac to join her father and me in iowa city. since her arrival, it has been an endless barrage of fixing up the yard, painting rooms, changing poopy (sp?) g-diapers, and setting up utilities (including internet at home, so expect a regular return to blogging.)

new state, new city, new time zone, new weather, new baby, new house, new job, new routine. i am thankful for my wife, roslyn, and her amazing ability to be a tireless mother and patient wife at the same time, and for our parents who provided us with support and drove us cross-country. (hint: get walkie-talkies for car caravans; they are invaluable when deciding to exit the freeway at a moment’s notice or when you need the truck at the rear to throw a block on rear-approaching traffic so you can pass the rig in front of you). i am also thankful for my friends, who throughout the entire transition encouraged and joked with me to make the transition bearable.

thank you especially to everyone who commented encouraging words on facebook and twitter while i was tweeting roslyn’s labor. i read those comments to her between breathing and counting, and it really did make all the difference. some made us laugh, which was welcomed relief, but most gave ros the extra motivation to keep going. never underestimate the power of a kind word uttered sincerely to someone in distress, even privately. it makes all the difference in the world.

my new colleagues at iowa are amazing. both departments (religious studies and classics) work together cohesively, share a common goal, and actually know what it is that i do (although ‘digital humanities’ still causes a few more of those colbert-esque raised eyebrows than does ‘second temple judaism’ or ‘archaeology’). they have each taken turns coming by my office and approaching me to chat at department picnics and parties. i look forward to years of production, growth, and fun at iowa. (btw, did i mention that my colleagues are good, fun scholars? it feels good to want to go to work and see my colleagues. it makes the overwhelming parts of a new job that much more bearable.)

iowa city is the best little hidden treasure in the midwest – the perfect combination of an intellectual center, social progress, and traditional emphasis on families and their well-being. i’m proud to be a hawkeye, and to live in the ‘people’s republic’ (as they affectionately are wont to call it) of iowa city, and i hope to contribute my part to the community. for now, i shall indulge in my favorite difference between iowa city and los angeles: i shall walk 5 short minutes (less than the time it used to take me to walk from the $10 per day parking spot allotted to me at ucla to my office) to the bus stop, and take the 10-minute bus ride to my office. my entire new 15 minute ‘commute’ involves no driving, no gas, no tension, and is 45 minutes less than my old, hour-long, one-way drive in los angeles. and to add insult to los angeles’ woeful public transportation injury, my bus pass is $10 per month, meaning i can get to work for a month for the same amount it costs to park (forget the cost of gas and lost time and stress, simply to park) at ucla for a day!

‘it’s not heaven, it’s iowa.’

ok. back to work.

congrats to dr. peter lanfer and sarah drew

UCLA's Dr. Peter Lanfer and Sarah Drew Lanfer, who plays Dr. April Kepner on ABC's Grey's Anatomy

UCLA's Dr. Peter Lanfer and Sarah Drew Lanfer, who plays Dr. April Kepner on ABC's Grey's Anatomy

(It’s about time someone reported this story ‘exclusively’ so we can publicly congratulate you!! ;-)

Congratulations are in order to my colleague, UCLA prof (and frequently visiting Dartmouth prof) Dr. Peter Lanfer, and his wife, Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew Lanfer, on the announcement of their coming child. Peter is a scholar specializing in Second Temple Judaism at UCLA, and Sarah plays Dr. April Kepner on the hit ABC show.  (I’d love to see how that virginity theme is going to play out now…)

The People article reveals:

The actress, 30, is due in January, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. This will be the first child for Drew and husband Peter Lanfer.

Allow me to add my personal congratulations on your getting knocked up. You two are shining examples of class, professionalism, kindness, humility, and downright hilarity. Roslyn and I enjoy the time we spend with you, and you will make excellent parents. I pray that your growing family is always filled with laughter and happiness. And we look forward to seeing your round belly at SBL. (That goes for you too, Sarah. ;-)

יברכך יהוה וישמרך

יאר יהוה פניו אליך ויחנך

ישא יהוה פניו אליך וישם לך שלום

Congratulations again!

thank you to rachel west and nuclear knitting!!

Nuclear Knitting

Nuclear Knitting by Rachel West

I would like to send out my utmost gratitude and a thousand thank yous to Rachel West, who has hand knitted the softest, most perfect baby blanket I’ve ever touched. It is amazing!

The blanket is grey (which is MacLaren’s middle name), with a deep blue border. There is a pic of it here. The thing I can’t get over is how incredibly soft it is – like no other knitted blanket I’ve ever touched. When Roslyn first handed it to me and said, “Feel this,” I responded, “There is no way this is hand-knitted.” Yet, sure enough, it is.

MacLaren hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t post pix of him in it. However, when he arrives, I’ll be sure to post pix of him in his new blankey.

If you would like to get your hands on similar hand-knitted goods, I encourage you to check out Rachel’s Nuclear Knitting website and ‘like’ the Nuclear Knitting Facebook page.

Thank you again, Rachel. It’s absolutely adorable!!

drunk baby destroys bar

what a great concept. i never thought about the fact that babies learning to walk look like drunks stumbling around.

ht: sarah drew lanfer

מזל טוב – congratulations to Andrew Compton on the birth of his daughter

מזל טובMazel Tov

Congratulations to Andrew Compton and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Mia Lynn Compton.

She was 21″ long and 8 lbs., 12 oz. at birth on Feb 26, 2011 @ 4:41AM.

And rumor has it she’s already spoken her first words: “2 Samuel 7”.

Double congratulations!!

announcing cargill 2.0 – a new digital humanities project coming soon

Cargill Ultrasound

Cargill 2.0 appears in center, head up over abdomen (legs hidden) with both arms raised waiving at the camera.

Cargill 2.0 is in the early stages of development, but should launch in early August 2011.

This new generation of Cargill includes a younger, thinner version of Cargill, with completely integrated social networking capabilities and more hair than the existing version of Cargill.

The lead developer on the Cargill 2.0 project is Roslyn Cargill, who will serve as project manager in consultation with invested partner Robert Cargill, who provided seed money for the project (sorry couldn’t resist).

Anywho, we’re having a baby.

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