behold the rock

by robert r. cargill, january 24, 2005

behold the rock
unmoving and stubborn
hard and weathered
it is completely and utterly alone
a rock needs no love
for it is a rock
made of stone
it shows no emotion
because rocks do not emote
no cracks, save the wear of weather
no flaws, save the wounds of time
a rock cannot hurt
because it does not feel
it never opens up
because there is nothing inside
it is all stone
a rock needs no attention
because it does not know love
and never will
a rock cannot be disappointed
because rocks cannot have expectations
a rock withstands all
bears all
supports all
and asks nothing in return
for what right has a rock to ask for anything in return
a rock withstands the crashing waves of a westward midnight without flinching
and greets the morning sun
day in, day out
a rock is steady
and this is what we’ve come to expect from a rock
never failing
never faltering
always a rock
and then one day
when the rock cracks
we look to those nearby
and say, ‘look, the rock has cracked,’
and then go about our business
for it is a rock
and no one cares

(c) 2005 robert r. cargill

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