on the prophetic nature of board games: bp offshore oil strike

you simply won’t believe this.

BP Offshore Oil Strikefor those of you who roll your eyes at ‘prophecy’ and divine manifestations in ordinary occurrences like images of the virgin mary in water stains and jesus cheetos, here’s one that is sure to make you laugh (or cry… or hate the 70’s… or hate the fact that we’re still repeating the mistakes of the 70’s despite our technological advances):

in the 1970’s, bp teamed up with a game company named printabox to create this foreboding game: bp offshore oil strike.

npr and cnn have reported on the prescient playtime masterpiece, where players learn the risks and rewards of searching for oil in the ocean. geek system has a complete description of the game.

simply ironic prophetic i told you so we knew better unbelievable.

(ht: peter lanfer)

how would bp handle a coffee spill?

watch and decide for yourself.
(HT: joel watts)

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