google’s caffeine spells further trouble for microsoft and bing

Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine

now that microsoft has purchased taken over partnered with yahoo, it is google’s move. i had commented earlier that google’s venture into the pc operating system business would mean temporary salvation for flailing yahoo, and this has come to pass with the partnership with microsoft. then again, this was expected. microsoft’s partnership with yahoo means google must now step up its game. the fact that they knew this was coming were prepared for this partnership was made manifest by their announcement of ‘caffeine’: the next generation of google search technology. google’s quick response to microsoft’s long and labored with partnership negotiations with yahoo reveals that google is holding all the cards and driving the development of the web-based communication services we use.

the article states:

Basically Google engineers are re-writing the foundation code of their search engine infrastructure. The Caffeine preview is meant for developers to test search page powered with same Google search engine. This infrastructural change will be the foundation for the future indexing changes that will take place in Google s search engine to speed up website. By speed, the next-generation architecture would be focused on offering real-time search results.

real-time searches? wow! that is fast. and the timing of it will make microsoft’s bing obsolete before it is fully adopted by the public.

this is one strategic area where google (and apple for the matter) is superior to microsoft. while microsoft produces new software, tests it, tweaks it, and then launches it with much fanfare (only to watch it bomb like vista), google develops a simple version of a much-demanded software and soft launches it as a beta to an open development community. this not only allows new ideas and innovation to be integrated into google’s existing products in development, but gives google users a sense of ownership in the forthcoming product. everyone likes to say, ‘i helped with that,’ or ‘i already use that’ whenever something new is released. google understands this and exploits it like no other. google then tweaks the live product, instead of holding the product back until it is supposedly ‘perfected.’

in the rapidly changing world of technology, you’ve got to be ahead of the competition not only in innovation and development, but in release to the public. google has perfected this; they wait to announce new product offerings on the heels of their competition’s announcements, essentially drafting off of their competition’s expensive press release campaigns and taking the wind out of their sails all in one swift motion. there is nothing more frustrating than working for years on a new product, ramping up the release, and spending time and money and releasing it to the public, only to have someone else announce something better a week later. microsoft is learning this the hard way.

and if you haven’t yet seen this classic video, this is why i use mac and google.

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