Happy 2nd Birthday MacLaren!

Happy birthday son. I love you and I miss you.

I’m almost done doing archaeology at Azekah, and I’ll be home soon.

Give Mommy, Quincy, Rory Kate, and Grandma big hugs and kisses for me.


how not to do a christmas pageant

Church attendance is a topic that few ever admit to talking about, but church leaders usually do. There exists a balancing act between trying new things to drive up numbers and staying true to what works.

Regardless of your view on how church worship ought to look, the Christmas pageant always seems to be the one time where caution is thrown to the wind, and ridiculous things are tried in an attempt to one-up last year’s pageant (or the church down the street).

Therefore, for those of you thinking about bringing a live camel into a worship service…don’t do it!

Listen to the old Hollywood adage: never work with live animals!

HT: Scott Bailey

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