Translation of Simcha Jacobovici’s Recent Comments

Simcha Jacobovici recently made some comments in response to Prof. Émile Puech, who accused Mr. Jacobovici of abusing him by “putting my name as a proof for their arguments” during a recent interview.

Mr. Jacobovici then went on to make additional comments in response to criticism from and Dr. Mark Goodacre and me regarding continued claims related to his so-called “Jonah Ossuary”.

However it occurred to me that many of my colleagues, especially my Hebrew speaking colleagues at Tel Aviv University, may not be fluent English speakers, and therefore may not be able to understand Mr. Jacobovici’s comments properly.

Therefore, a friend of my 4-month old daughter, Rory Kate, has volunteered to translate Mr. Jacobovici’s response into your native tongue, which has been captured on video below:

My 2-year old son, Mac, wanted to do it, but he just started a new book.

Mac Reads "The Case Against Q" by Dr. Mark Goodacre

Mac Reads “The Case Against Q” by Dr. Mark Goodacre

I hope my Israeli colleagues appreciate this rather accurate summary of Mr. Jacobovici’s comments.

Perhaps my Hebrew-speaking colleagues can also assist Mr. Jacobovici with the translation of my only tattoo, about which Mr. Jacobovici recently emailed me to complain, “Your tattoo of the Tetragrammaton is insulting to religious Jews”.

Robert Cargill's tattoo reads אהבה, or

Robert Cargill’s tattoo reads אהבה, or “love”.

Investigative journalism and fact checking at its finest!

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