Manti Te’o ought to date Clint Eastwood’s empty chair

Manti Te’o ought to date Clint Eastwood’s empty chair. It just makes sense.

Manti Te'o with Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair


Here’s Deadspin breaking the story.

Background here.

For a quick summary, watch here.

Don’t miss Seth Meyers’ line here: “These Te’o jokes are all very funny but let’s all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead.”

Even more here, with timeline and quotes from Te’o.

dead or alive: as excellent observation by jason staples on the contradiction between the ‘jesus’ and the ‘patio’ tombs

Is Jesus Dead or Alive?

Is Jesus Dead or Alive?

Jason Staples of UNC, Chapel Hill, has made an excellent observation regarding the obvious contradiction regarding Jacobovici and Tabor’s so-called “Jesus Tomb” and their recent “Patio Tomb,” containing the alleged “Jonah Ossuary.”

He writes:

On the one hand, they claim to have found the tomb of Jesus and his family, where Jesus’ body was moved from its temporary grave after the crucifixion. But on the other hand, they claim the Patio Tomb, all of 45m away (in a tomb they speculate may have been on the property of Joseph of Arimathea), “represent[s] archeological evidence related to faith in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead—presumably by his contemporary 1st century followers.” So let me get this straight: Jesus’ contemporary 1st century followers who were buried next to Jesus’ dead body believed in the resurrection of Jesus? How exactly does that work?

If nothing else shows just how far Tabor and Jacobovici’s publicity-baiting will go, this outright contradiction makes it very clear: apparently they want us to believe the earliest Christian disciples believed that the Jesus whose body was decaying in a well-marked tomb a stone’s throw away had been raised from the dead. It would take more faith to buy that story than to believe Jesus was resurrected in the first place.

You can’t argue that the archaeological evidence supports claims that he’s dead and buried with his family, and then argue that the archaeological evidence supports claims that he’s resurrected.

rest in peace, steve jobs, rest in peace

Steve Jobsmr. jobs,
thank you for your life, for apple, for sticking up for the underdog, and for changing the way we work, think, play, and dream.
rest in peace.
robert cargill

Steve Jobs

sigh. google wave is dead

Google Wavesigh. it had a lot of great features and tremendous potential, but google wave is dead. i knew they had stopped advertising, developing, and supporting it, but it could have been finished. was it an internal dispute? or are they just going to take the best of the features and migrate them to gmail and google docs. wave’s beauty was that it combined google docs and gmail, but it looks like google is either taking another strategic route and leaving the two separate, or they have something in the pipeline that will trump them all.

either way, google wave is dead.

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