ucla to receive $100 million donation from meyer and renee luskin

Renee and Meyer Luskin donated $100 million to the UCLA School of Public Affairs and the construction of a residential conference center. (Photo credit: UCLA)

Renee and Meyer Luskin donated $100 million to the UCLA School of Public Affairs and the construction of a residential conference center. (Photo credit: UCLA)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Renee and Meyer Luskin, who announced today that they will donate $100 million to the UCLA School of Public Affairs and toward the construction of a new residential conference center and faculty club.

$50 million of the gift will go to the School of Public Affairs, 90% of which will go:

toward endowed professorships, graduate student fellowships and other academic programs.

Luskin said it is important for the university to devote more resources to solving community problems, which he said are so complex that minds across many disciplines, including public policy and economics, are needed to deal with them.

The gift will also go toward building a hotel and conference center atop a remodeled faculty club.

The other half of Luskin’s donation will help fund the proposed residential conference center and faculty club to host academic meetings on campus.

The facility will stand six stories tall when completed, and will consist of meeting rooms, conference space and almost 300 hotel rooms. It will replace the 50-year-old Faculty Center, which is one of the only single-story buildings on campus.

Given the fact that it is impossible to find affordable hotels in Westwood Village close to campus, this conference center and hotel will be a tremendous help for university departments who want to host distinguished lecturers and scholars visiting from other universities. The gift will also free up other university funds to address financial issues that will stem from California Governor Brown’s proposed $500 million cut to the University of California system.

The Luskin’s donation is the second largest donation ever given to UCLA, coming nine years after David Geffen gave a record $200 million to the UCLA School of Medicine for research.

Thank you again to Renee and Meyer Luskin for your generosity!

absolutely unacceptable and condemnable – murder on christmas eve

Philip Wise

Salvation Army Major Philip Wise was murdered on Christmas Eve.

this story is absolutely unacceptable and utterly condemnable. who robs a charity worker? who murders someone who gives their life to helping the poor? who murders in cold blood?

The 40-year-old father of three joined the Salvation Army along with his wife, Cindy, 16 years ago, and they had spent the past few years reaching out to those in the Baring Cross neighborhood. The North Little Rock center provides youth programs, weekly church services and Sunday School and a food pantry, among other services.

Wise was returning to that Salvation Army center at 1505 W. 18th St. with his children Thursday afternoon when two black men, both with handguns, approached him and demanded money. One shot was fired, and Wise was killed as his children stood by. His wife, who was in the center at the time, was the one to call 911.

when they catch these two, and they will, it will be death for both of them. i don’t say that often, but if ever it is justified, here it is. murder of a charity worker in front of his children for a bucket of salvation army change.

absolutely unacceptable.

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