Walking and Texting and Not Paying Attention, Oh My!

Jim West has discovered a hilarious fail video. Watch carefully.

This woman, angry that people are chuckling at her for plunging into a fountain, is looking into suing the Mall… What absurdity. Sure, it’s not nice to laugh at someone who falls and potentially is injured- but let’s face facts: 1) she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing. 2) she fell. Happens every day. 3) she wasn’t at all injured in any respect (except perhaps h … Read More

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how not to do a christmas pageant

Church attendance is a topic that few ever admit to talking about, but church leaders usually do. There exists a balancing act between trying new things to drive up numbers and staying true to what works.

Regardless of your view on how church worship ought to look, the Christmas pageant always seems to be the one time where caution is thrown to the wind, and ridiculous things are tried in an attempt to one-up last year’s pageant (or the church down the street).

Therefore, for those of you thinking about bringing a live camel into a worship service…don’t do it!

Listen to the old Hollywood adage: never work with live animals!

HT: Scott Bailey

how *not* to propose marriage

Woman rescued after falling off cliff as the result of accepting a marriage proposal.

Woman rescued after falling off cliff as the result of accepting a marriage proposal.

for those considering proposing marriage to that special someone while hiking on a beautiful mountain trail, be careful not to let this happen to you.

It began as a romantic hike, and ended with a helicopter rescue after one of the hikers fell and was injured, just moments after she accepted a marriage proposal.

i could go so many places with this:

We’re told after she said, ‘Yes’, she lost her footing and fell onto a large, jagged rock.

so ladies, this is one way to say ‘yes’ but really mean ‘i’d rather die than say yes.’ or, perhaps she was so excited, she lost her bearings and passed out. either way:

marriage proposal fail!

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