the magnetic poles are shifting: watch for falling nut jobs

MSNBC and Fox have reported a phenomenon that takes place every couple hundred thousand years or so: the shifting of the magnetic poles. Fluctuations in the molten iron core of the earth cause the magnetic field around the earth to shift, causing the magnetic polarity of the earth to gradually wander about and even at times flip flop. We seem to be in the midst of a magnetic pole shift. Gizmodo ran a story on this phenomenon late last year. In fact, some airports like Tampa International have had to renumber their runways to account for resulting shifts in the compasses on planes.

This is a simple enough natural phenomenon. I am just counting the days hours until some fundamentalist nut job attempts to tie this to the Mayan 2012 calendar nonsense or some biblical prophecy like Isaiah 40:4. Just sit back and watch the blogs wander…

I must also ask a serious scientific question, however, one which perhaps my esteemed colleague, Butler’s Dr. James McGrath, can assist: how does this affect the island?

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