a great reference site for fellow computer nerds: cheat-sheets.org

Cheat-Sheets.orgDr. Annelie Rugg pointed me to a great site for people who love cheat charts for everything from programming language to HTML tags to ‘how to’ sheets.

If you love referring to verb paradigms on a handy reference chart, then you’ll love cheat-sheets.org. It’s a website full of simple instructions for how to do just about everything on a computer. Need a quick HTML tag chart? Cheat-sheets.org. Forgot your JavaScript code? Cheat-sheets.org. Can’t remember how to do that one thing in Flash? Cheat-sheets.org. Need to Photoshop something but forgot that shortcut?

There are even WordPress cheat sheets for fellow nerds that like to blog!

Check it out. Print them out. And then hack away!

sbl media guide now available

SBL Media Guidethe society of biblical literature has recently published a media guide for scholars. the media guide is contains comments and suggestions about scholars and their interaction with the media. chronicle of higher education senior reporter jennifer howard discusses ‘how to talk to the media: tips for scholars.’ concerning television documentaries, university of north carolina, chapel hill archaeologist dr. jodi magness warns: ‘tv documentaries: proceed with caution.’ author and publishers’ weekly journalist marcia z. nelson offers, ‘ten commandments in
ten minutes: how to talk to the public via journalists.’ finally, ucla’s dr. robert r. cargill discusses ‘the camera friendly scholar: essentials for giving great tv interviews.’

check it out.

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