on egyptian muslim solidarity with coptic christians

I made a few comments on the recent demonstration of Muslim solidarity with Coptic Christians in Egypt in my “Jerusalem, the Holy City” course at UCLA. The the report on the terrorist suicide bombing here. I previously wrote on the Egyptian Muslim demonstration of solidarity here, and about the Coptic candlelight peace vigil here.

on the gihon spring and jesus’ triumphal entry

i have annotated a portion of a lecture i gave as a part of my ‘jerusalem, the holy city‘ class at ucla and uploaded it to youtube. it discusses the israelite coronation ceremony, zechariah’s prophecy in chapter 9, and the description of the triumphal entry of jesus in matthew 21. give it a look, and feel free to use it in your classes if you’d like.

clips from “jerusalem, the holy city” with dr. robert cargill now available on youtube

Dr. Robert R. Cargill's YouTube Channel

Dr. Robert R. Cargill's YouTube Channel.

i have begun posting clips from my jerusalem, the holy city class on youtube. you can see portions of other lectures here on my youtube channel. the full course lectures are also available on itunes u.

here’s a clip discussing the archaeological debate over the existence of david and solomon. the discussion looks at the debate over the interpretation of megiddo stratum va/ivb (5a/4b) and how that affects the discussion of the existence of david and solomon.

ucla history of jerusalem class available free on itunes u

Dr. Robert R. Cargill, UCLA lectures in his class, Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Dr. Robert R. Cargill, UCLA, lectures in his class, "Jerusalem, the Holy City."

my history of jerusalem class at ucla is entering its third week. so far, six itunes u lectures have been made available to the public for viewing. if you’re up for a free class on the history of jerusalem, download the free itunes u lectures and enjoy!!

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