in celebration of finals week

A short video montage of Simpsons clips mocking grad students. Enjoy. (And try not to weep.)

want to do a phd in the humanities? watch this first.

Ph.D. in Humanitiesif you ever wanted to do a phd in the humanities, watch this first.

i have never viewed anything as true as this. now if you’ll pardon me, i’m off to lament my wasted life… ;-)

jerusalem, the holy city course begins today

my jerusalem, the holy city course begins today at ucla. check out the course’s blog for details.

You can follow the course on Twitter, Facebook, and you can watch podcasts of Dr. Cargill’s lectures on iTunes U. Registered students may access the course website here.

This blog is provided as a public service to any and all interested in the history of Jerusalem, and will be updated regularly to summarize each class meeting’s lectures. You may post comments on this blog’s postings, but please not that the comments are moderated, and that Dr. Cargill may respond to some comments here in course lectures.

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