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Here are more photos of MacLaren from Britt Wilson Photography.

MacLaren Grey Cargill

MacLaren Grey Cargill

MacLaren Grey Cargill fussing

MacLaren after the Red Sox lost

MacLaren arm

Check out my muscles

MacLaren Grey sleeps

MacLaren Grey sleeps

MacLaren ready for a nap

MacLaren Grey Cargill

cargill poses topless

(How’s that for a sensationalistic headline!)

That’s right, MacLaren Grey Cargill had his first professional photos taken. Britt Wilson Photography is incredible: professional, on time, and great results. Mommy and daddy are proud. And I must say, the boy is growing up quickly. He’s getting big and starting to try and talk a bit (at least mimic sounds and tongue movements). Methinks he’s trying to say “hapax legomenon,” but I could be mistaken. Roslyn thinks he’s saying “Second Samuel Seven,” but that would be coincidental. Anywho, here’s the boy:

MacLaren Grey Cargill in a basket

Hey ladies, I've got my mommy's eyes and my daddy's belly ;-) Photo by Britt Wilson Photography.

MacLaren Grey Cargill, September 2011. Photo by Britt Wilson Photography.

MacLaren Grey Cargill, September 2011. Photo by Britt Wilson Photography.

He was born with a full head of hair, which is turning more red by the day. His hair stands up like that naturally. (I promise I’m not shaping it into a fauxhawk like I wear.) His eyes look like they may stay blue. He’s got his mom’s eyes and my lips (and so far, my belly rolls ;-).

In the mean time, I’ll experiment with some sensationalist headlines of my own ;-)

the faces of maclaren grey

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new holiday pix of jesus available

Snowflake Jesusi’m always fascinated with the way jesus is portrayed by people of faith who seek to show jesus was created in their own image.

matthew paul turner has a great new collection of humorous jesus pictures. some are downright hilarious. enjoy.

google wave is here – the end of email begins

q: what do you get when you combine email, instant messaging, blogging, file sharing, image hosting, chat, wikis, feedback questionnaires, message boards, bots, realtime foreign language translation, and google search?

a: google wave. the communication and collaboration tool that will end email as we know it. i kid you not. learn it now and get ahead of the curve adn be the one everyone asks how to use this thing.

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