porn for the blind?

Pornographic magazine for the blind launchedapparently, a pornographic magazine of the blind has been launched. i’m not making this up.

the pages come complete with explicit text written in braille, and with raised images including those of a naked woman in a ‘disco pose’, a woman with ‘perfect breasts,’ and a ‘male love robot’.

i’ll leave the jokes about ‘raised pages’ and claims of total deprivation to others. but i will ask who in their right mind would fund a business model for a new print magazine (porn or otherwise) when print magazines are in decline (even in the porn industry), when the internet is on the rise? from a business standpoint, i’d imagine a blind consumer would prefer free explicit sounds on the internet (or so i am told that stuff is available online) over the costly printed, ‘raised’ page. (again, purely from a hypothetical business standpoint.)

(i know, i know, i doth protest too much… i just think it’s an odd and hilarious idea.)

here’s an idea: try the bible. there are plenty of evocative verses there:

  • ‘There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.’ ezek 23:20 (niv)
  • ‘My beloved thrust his hand into the opening, and my inmost being yearned for him. I arose to open to my beloved, and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, upon the handles of the bolt. ‘ song of songs 5:4-5 (nrsv)

new smithsonian article by andrew lawler entitled: who wrote the dead sea scrolls?


The caves to the west of Qumran.

andrew lawler has written a new article for smithsonian magazine entitled, ‘who wrote the dead sea scrolls?’ it is a survey of the modern state of the qumran archaeological debate. it is fair, and represents everyone evenly, yet demonstrates how many different ways the site of qumran can be interpreted.

i’ve got a brief mention and quote towards the end, taking my usual place as one trying to make peace between the two sides. i am quoted as saying that qumran was a settlement, ‘that wanted to be self-reliant—the question is just how jewish and just how devout they were.’ the answer, of course, is that they were definitely jewish, and that their devotion was at least great enough to build a few miqva’ot (jewish ritual baths) at the site (and who knows, maybe copy a scroll or two…)

it’s a solid article, and i recommend it to everyone. kudos to andrew.

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