moody bible and southwestern seminary grad accused of murder of porn actress

Actress Felicia Lee was murdered in Monrovia, CA on September 11, 2009

Actress Felicia Lee was murdered in Monrovia, CA on September 11, 2009

what do you get when you cross christian fundamentalism, reality television, and porn? murder.

reports of an odd murder in monrovia, ca (near pasadena) tell of a moody bible institute grad, who received a seminary degree from southwestern baptist theological seminary, suffocated and killed his porn star girlfriend on september 11, 2009.

Brian Lee Randone is accused of beating and suffocating 31-year-old Felicia Lee, who had a role in the movie “Rush Hour 2” as well as several adult films.

apparently randone, the part-time preacher and ‘christian mime,’ who had appeared on fox’s america’s sexiest bachelor killed his girlfriend, lee (whose stage name was ‘felicia tang,’ and who had appeared rush hour 2, the fast and the furious, as well as the adult film asian fever, among others.

Randone graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and has a Master’s of Divinity degree from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune said.

look, i have my issues with christian fundamentalism. but they don’t teach people to kill. nevertheless, this is murder (at least not moody and swbts). it’s bad for everyone involved. and regardless of what you think of reality television, action films, or porn, no one deserves to die. i’ll be curious to watch as the details about this case come to light.

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