i shall not be watching jay leno

it’s pretty simple. he agreed to leave the tonight show. then, he backtracked and did a primetime show, which hurt both conan o’brien and a number of nbc writers. then, he failed in primetime. so, he wanted his old job back. so, he exerted tremendous pressure behind the scenes at nbc and used his position to pressure a kind and talented comic, conan o’brien, into leaving his job.

conan played by the rules, was gracious, waited his turned, and still got screwed in the end by a powerful insider who wanted what he wanted.

so, i won’t be watching jay leno. i’ll watch letterman and craig ferguson and jimmy kimmel. but i won’t support those who abuse their position to have their way at the expense of others.

lesson to be learned: don’t be a dick. in this modern age of media, everyone hears everything, and it’s usually recorded somehow. act professionally. act like those you’re talking about are standing next to you. don’t say it if you don’t want it repeated everywhere. act like a professional. and oh yeah, and don’t be a dick.

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