thank you to rachel west and nuclear knitting!!

Nuclear Knitting

Nuclear Knitting by Rachel West

I would like to send out my utmost gratitude and a thousand thank yous to Rachel West, who has hand knitted the softest, most perfect baby blanket I’ve ever touched. It is amazing!

The blanket is grey (which is MacLaren’s middle name), with a deep blue border. There is a pic of it here. The thing I can’t get over is how incredibly soft it is – like no other knitted blanket I’ve ever touched. When Roslyn first handed it to me and said, “Feel this,” I responded, “There is no way this is hand-knitted.” Yet, sure enough, it is.

MacLaren hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t post pix of him in it. However, when he arrives, I’ll be sure to post pix of him in his new blankey.

If you would like to get your hands on similar hand-knitted goods, I encourage you to check out Rachel’s Nuclear Knitting website and ‘like’ the Nuclear Knitting Facebook page.

Thank you again, Rachel. It’s absolutely adorable!!

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