university of california employees to take pay cut

UCLA Royce Hall

UCLA Royce Hall

california is suffering. california needs to cut spending. california spends a lot on education. thus, california is cutting funding to education. i work for ucla. the result is this spending cut proposal.

the bad news: i lose $400-500 a month

the good news: i don’t have to go to work 1-2 days a month

the bad news is: i work more than i should anyways, and i’ll work from home, so this is no real help, because stuff still needs to get done.

the more bad news is: i’ll be making less, therefore paying less tax, therefore the state loses tax revenue. that is, unless they raise taxes….. and let’s not kid ourselves – this is california. they are going to raise taxes (even if they call them fees). good thing my federal taxes aren’t going up. oh, wait…

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