“God is Johnson” license plate answers age old question

In Iowa, the name of the county issuing a vehicle’s license plate is printed on the bottom of the plate. This is usually not a problem, unless for instance, you’re making a confession of faith, at which point you may have a problem:

God is Johnson license plate

Well, now we know.

Mankind has searched for years, and while God is said to have had many names throughout history such as YHWH, Allah, Vishnu, Ahura Mazda, Zeus, El, Osiris, Apollo, etc., few knew his name was actually “Johnson”.

Then again, perhaps we’re reading the license plate incorrectly. Biblical scholars have known for centuries that many of the earliest Canaanite religions were fertility religions, which worshiped gods like Ba’al or Dagon in the hope that their crops and family would be fertile. Obviously, the owner of this car worships a different fertility god.

And who knows? Maybe the owner just really loves the ol’ People’s Republic??

How would YOU caption this picture?

(HT: Jeremy Swist)

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