An Observation on Religious Argumentation

Listening to people argue about religion is often like watching two drunks argue about which is the best sports team, with two glaring differences: drunks can bring actual evidence in the form of measurable statistics to back up their arguments, and drunks can prove their teams exist.

Religious People Arguing

You’re BOTH doing it wrong.

superbowl commercials preview

for all of you superbowl commercial junkies like me, here are 33 commercials for you to watch one day early. enjoy.

i could not agree more

i could not agree more. rick reilly has nailed it on the head.

why not use the bowl games as the playoff? rotate the bowl that serves as the national championship game like we do now. top 8 teams play in four bowl games. the winners play in another two. then create a new, real national championship game to decide the winner. this way, we’d preserve bowl games *and* we’d have a playoff system. the only thing standing in the way is the bowl boards and major universities, who monopolize the cash and use their size and influence to invite lesser teams that draw higher ratings.

enough already. time for a playoff system. besides, the old argument that football seasons would be too long and student athletes would be taken out of too much class is moot now anyways. they are, in fact, professional athletes, just not paid in cash.  oh wait…

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