bill schniedewind’s heartfelt tribute to dr. anson rainey

Dr. Anson Rainey

Dr. Anson Rainey

My professor, Dr. William Schniedewind, has written a wonderful tribute to one of his professors, Dr. Anson Rainey, upon his passing. It has been published on the SBL website here.

It begins:

A Personal Reflection on the Life and Work of Anson F. Rainey (January 11, 1930–February 19, 2011)

Bill Schniedewind, UCLA

The foreword to The Sacred Bridge concludes by recalling Genesis 6:4 and a time when there were giants in the land. Anson Frank Rainey belonged to a bygone era when giants walked the land, and I cannot help but feel that one of the giants has passed away—my teacher, mentor, and friend, Anson Rainey.

If you get a chance, give it a read.

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