how to ruin your football career with one punch

regon running back LeGarrette Blount, left, punches Boise States Byron Hout.

Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount, left, punches Boise State's Byron Hout.

legarrette blount’s football career is over, and his senior year was just getting started. the university of oregon tailback has been suspended for the entire season by his own team’s coach for punching boise state defensive back byron hout during the post game handshake and for continuing to act like a complete thug jackass after the altercation.

legarrette blount has ruined his football career with one punch. his own coach, chip kelley, has rightly suspended him for his entire senior season. the associated press reports:

On Friday he told a sobbing Blount of his decision: That punch would cost Blount the season, and ultimately his career with the Ducks.

“He understands that his actions are unacceptable. We will not put up with that,” Kelly said. “That is not the University of Oregon football, that is not the University of Oregon.”

kudos to coach kelly for standing up to this sort of reprehensible behavior and suspending blount. the decision to leave him on the team is even greater punishment. he was suspended from all games, but still remains on scholarship and on the team. this means that blount must come to practice and work hard every day, even though there is no chance he will ever play. given the fact that he was suspended last season and reinstated, only to be now re-suspended for the entire 2009 season, i’m guessing blount isn’t going to want to stick around and give that 100% effort that the coaches want in practice. blount will probably quit, and oregon will recoup its scholarship and award it to a far more deserving player. thus, by leaving blount on the team, they will get back the scholarship blount now holds, where as if they dismissed him from the team, he may have a claim to the scholarship. (not that he’s there for an education…)

as for his nfl career, what nfl team will touch him? nfl teams are beginning to see that the new england patriots model of team and character is better than the terell owens / chad johnson (or ochocinco or whetever his name is this week) system of tolerating idiots.

congratulations mr. blount. you just cost yourself literally millions of dollars in salaries and endorsements, not to mention the fame that comes with playing college and nfl football.

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