Candlelight prayer vigil for peace in Westwood, CA, 1/11/2011.


To commemorate the Coptic Christians recently slain in Egypt.

ucla’s arts library to be eliminated

UCLA Arts Library

UCLA Arts Library

i heard about this yesterday through the grapevine, but it was confirmed today. the ucla arts library is going to be eliminated and integrated into other ucla libraries. according to the plan, the volumes will still be housed at ucla’s westwood campus, but within other libraries. this is yet another victim of the california budget cuts.

this is unfortunate because the arts library is a wonderful space to research the arts and it’s a great place to study. however, it’s not as if the library’s volumes are disappearing; the volumes will still be at ucla. it’s inconvenient and not ideal, but these are desperate times.

(and for the record: the photo shown in the la times article is *not* a picture of the arts library, but of the historic powell library. there is no plan to shut down the powell library, which is a part of the extensive ucla library system.

the real question is: who is going to get this coveted space (which is adjacent to the center for digital humanities in the public affairs building)?


see the letter to gary strong, university librarian from a group claiming to be ‘instructors—at ucla and beyond—in the arts, architecture, art history, film, television, theater and the humanities.’

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