the world’s biggest idol now complete in swyzzdzybdzyn, poland

Jesus Statue in Swiebodzin, Poland

Workers raise the crowned head of a statue of Jesus before placing it slowly onto the figure's body, in Swiebodzin, Poland, on Saturday, Nov. 6. Workers have completed a giant statue of Jesus Christ in a small Polish town that its creators say ranks as the biggest in the world. Photo: Czarek Sokolowski / AP

congratulations to the small town of swbyzzdzybdzynski (actually swiebodzin) poland, for completing the construction of what they claim is the world’s tallest idol. the town’s goal of creating a bigger jesus than rio de janiero’s ‘christ the redeemer’ idol surely embraces the kind of humility that jesus would have wanted. and at a cost of $1.45 million dollars, the small town has wisely used the funds its church has raised in the best possible manner: rather than feed the needy of this small polish village, they’ve given them an idol to look at.

The mayor of the western Polish town, Dariusz Bekisz, claims it is now the world’s tallest.

Rev. Sylwester Zawadzki, the 78-year-old priest who created the statue said it rises 108 feet, or 33 meters — one meter for every year that Jesus lived. Other members of the construction team, however, gave differing figures. One said it rises 167 feet if you include a mound it sits on and the crown on the head.

By comparison, the statue in Brazil’s Rio is 125 feet tall.

“I am extremely proud,” said Danuta Gordzelewska, a 60-year-old who watched as the statue’s head was lowered into place. Gordzelewska has donated money to the statue, which was funded by contributions from as far away as Canada. “It’s special to watch something being built that later generations will have.”

i’m sure it won’t be long until tourists cancel their vacation plans in rio and reroute them to swzzybdzkkzzyskyyz, poland (map). because who needs beaches in rio when there’s a giant jesus to stare at.

well done.


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  1. Isn’t there a story in the Book of Daniel about a giant statue …..?

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