epic fail: real housewives of the bible (and why i love scott bailey’s blog)

I love Scotteriology (Scott Bailey’s Blog). In addition to being a former NHL player (and despite being a Canadian ;-), he’s a got a wicked sense of humor and a sharp eye for critical biblical scholarship.

His latest commentary on a web-based evangelist and author (Ty Adams) who produced a straight-to-DVD series called, “Real Housewives of the Bible” is epic! You must read it.

Here is the YouTube promo:

מזל טוב – congratulations to Andrew Compton on the birth of his daughter

מזל טובMazel Tov

Congratulations to Andrew Compton and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Mia Lynn Compton.

She was 21″ long and 8 lbs., 12 oz. at birth on Feb 26, 2011 @ 4:41AM.

And rumor has it she’s already spoken her first words: “2 Samuel 7”.

Double congratulations!!

get well soon scott!

today my thoughts and prayers are with scott hamilton, who had a brain tumor removed today. we attended church together in malibu. scott and his family are wonderful people. i wish them the best and scott a speedy recovery.

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